Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tenderloin District 1/31/09

We've been busy lately and haven't had time to update the blog as often as we'd like to, so we've got a few more blog posts to get us current. We began our day with a pre-brief before starting our patrol on Turk St. with eight Guardian Angels. We posted up and began talking to the neighbors in the community.

The patrol went all the way to Van Ness and back down Turk because of the high crime rate. We went down other streets as well; Jones, Leavenworth, and Geary. The crack dealers were out along with the crackheads. They do not care how and when they do their drugs. But as we posted up on these corners, they left and it got peaceful. Citizens started to come outside their buildings when they saw us. This is a good feeling to make a stand and give back some hope for this community. It is making a statement that we do care. Our goal is to make more patrols in this neighborhood and to get the neighborhood to come together and take their streets back.

It was a good patrol, everyone came back safe and when we got back we did a debrief as well. Thanks to all the guys who did this patrol. The San Francisco Chapter!

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