Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mission District Jan. 24th, 2009

The purpose for this patrol was to look over two sites for a new HQ, or to keep on looking. We did have visitors this weekend, the Oakland Chapter and the Salano Chapter.

The patrols began on 16th street-mission and to end at 24th street-mission. As we started into our tour we stoped at 21st street-mission to look at one of the sites for a HQ, nobody was there to show us the place or to open the door, this did not work out for this place. Then we got back into our patrol, made it to 24th street-mission, posted up for awhile. Next was to look at the other site which was back down to 18th street-mission, we got there turned right went to Treat St. We look at the place and it just was not big enough, it was to much money for a down payment. We are still looking out for a HQ, so if theres anybody out there can help us with this, this would be greatful. You can contact us through this E-mail address or you call me at my cell number, (415)871-7260. the area's that we are requesting are the mission dist. or the tenderlion dist. and it does have to have access to a restroom. So as the day began to end we did tour some of the alleyway's to clean them out, we hit three allies each one was bad in its own way. We managed to pick up 20 to 30 needles with blood and drugs still left in them, now be assured we do have our gloves on at all times and we do place them in Bio-Hazard Containers, this is safe and this is our procedure, at the end of the day we turn them into the needle exchange. We got back to our HQ, we came back safe, we had a great day. We would like to thank the leaders!
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