Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tenderloin patrol, 3/21/09

We began our day with a prebrief and 14 Guardian Angels. We have two new recruits to join us for this day. Their code names are Zorro and Storm. Code names are necessary because we don't want to call out our real names in the streets. We divided into two teams for the day.

We had a lead team and a shadow team. JD took the lead team and Scorpion took the shadow team. We patrolled both sides of the street covering: Turk, Eddy, Ellis, O'Farrell, Geary, Taylor, Jones, Leavenworth, and Hyde St. We would like to thank this community for inviting us. We have to stand together and we have to work together to have a better community. We don't like drugs and what they do to people so if you are using drugs we urge you to seek help for yourself.

We came back to HQ and everyone came back safe. We did a great job today knowing we don't get paid but it feels good in our hearts. Again, thank you Tenderloin community for your support.

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