Saturday, April 4, 2009

Trip to LA, 3/13-15/09

We traveled to Los Angeles on Friday for new Guardian Angel graduation ceremonies, awards, and LA patrols. On Saturday, our first patrol was in Huntington Park. It was a beautiful day with no problems. Our second patrol was Venice Beach and it went well also.

Guardian Angel founder Curtis Sliwa was with us and lots of people stopped to ask questions. Next stop was the LA HQ and Dojo for self-defense training and take down moves. Everyone had a great time and we always can use more training. Third patrol was Hollywood Blvd. at night. Night patrols can get dangerous because of the bars, clubs, and the drinking. One patrol broke up a fight, they did a very good job and we maintained a lot of presence on the street that prevented other things from happening. After patrol we went back to the hotel to prepare for the next day.

On Sunday we had graduations and awards. This will be remembered as a time that 11 chapters came together, all of California. I myself will never forget this trip. Curtis Sliwa's speech touched our hearts and our lives. Now we come back to San Francisco a better Angel, a smarter Angel, an Angel that will always be a roll model. We Do Dare to Care!

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