Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Richmond and Oakland patrol, 2/20/10

On Saturday 20, 2010, chapters from Northern California (Sacramento, Stockton, Solano County, San Pablo, San Jose, Oakland and San Francisco) answered the call from our state coordinators to assist Shadow, the chapter leader from the city of Richmond, to recruit members and start patroling the city due to the high areas of crime that were spreading throughout the near by counties.

All Guardian Angels from differents cities got together at El Cerrito Del Norte Bart Station, at noon time. 26 Guardian Angels answered the call. Cristina, the coordinator, gathered all leaders and started making the plan for the day. We decided to split in two groups, one of each side of the street. Green Card, Spider and Scorpion lead the first group, while Sir Kent, Omar and Cristina led the second.

We started walking down on San Pablo Ave. to Mcdonald Ave. Then we walked toward 23rd St. On the way there we decided to pass by 28th St. While we were walking in the neighborhood, some residents were outside their houses and we started introducing ourselves. We told them what we were trying to do in the city. We gave some flyers out and noticed that some people were afraid, but others were glad to see us there.

On the way to Cutting Blvd. we noticed that some residents started taking pictures of us from inside their houses and they gave us the "thumbs-up" signal. They were happy when we told them that we were going to start patrolling the area in the near by future.

We were in the area for almost 3 hours and in every street many drivers that were passing by either gave us the "thumbs-up", honked their horns as a way to greet us, or gave us smiles.

Then we went to Oakland to patrol the Fruitvale area. Cristina led the group. We patrolled the International Blvd. all the way to the Oakland GA's Headquarters. Everything went okay. There were no incidents at all ...

In times in which our fellow Angels from others cities need assistance because of the growth of crime, we work as one, as brothers and sisters, as Guardian Angels united in fighting the same cause: "Crime" as effective visual deterrents.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tenderloin patrol, 2/13/10

Saturday February 13th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be patrolling the Tenderloin Dist. tonight. All the angels started to arrive at the HQ around 3:00pm, to change into uniforms, and to do prebrief. We will be only one team tonight, I J.D. will be patrol leader and Scorpion will be my second for this patrol. We will have two first aid techs, we will be using three radio's for communication on this patrol. Now we are ready for patrol and we begin to march into the TL. This will be about the same routine tour, we will post up, we will check out our resource buildings, we will check out the parks, we will check out as many alley-ways as we can, and we will hit all our HOT SPOTS.

For this patrol we picked up dirty needles, a butchers knife, a cristal-meth pipe. Back on patrol, we did come up on some drug dealing that we did not know before, we posted up, this was dangerios because these guys dident know who we where or knew what we are about. But we as angels stood our ground and we did not let any drug transactions go on, it calm down and we move on.

As we marched on, there was an elderly couple that had got off the bus in the TL, they were tourists and they had got off at the wrong stop, they where going to China Town. But we posted up to make sure they where safe and that they had got back on the bus, this was not a good place to be at night. As for Cobra's Corner a (HOT SPOT) the drug dealers where out and they are all pissed off because the could not get any business while the angels are there. But it did calm down and everyone did stay focused, we are getting better, a lot better, because this corner is dangerous.

We marched on, we next came up on some guys that where parking their car, they ask the angels if it was safe to park here, we advised them not to leave anything on there sets and that it could get broke-into, they took our advice and put everything into the trunk of their car, now it is safe.

It is now getting late, as the patrol leader I decide to call it a night and march the team out of the TL back to the HQ. The TL is the TL but we try to do the best that we can do while in this area. We do get back safe to the HQ, to get back to food and to a party, a birthday party for one of our new members, Happy Birthday NEMO. Next we begin debrief, change back into our street clothes, the patrol was a sucsess, everyone followed directions and the team did a good Guardian Angel Job, Thank You Team!

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Tenderloin Community Meeting, 2/12/10

Friday February 12th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels are attending a community meeting today in the Tenderloin Dist, We will all meet at the 631 Hamilton Building on O'Farrell St. The guests will be: Community leaders, Business Owners, Glide Outreach, and the Tenderloin Police Dept. Everyone has arrived for the meeting and now we are ready to get started.

The subjects that where discussed was;
1. What to do when approached by a drug dealer or someone invading your space?
The Guardian Angels answered these questions.

2. How could they get the Guardian Angels to do more patrols?
Glide Outreach is suggested as a resource.

3. Why cant we get the police to do more foot patrols on the streets?
Budget Cuts was told to the business owners.

4. The drug dealing is getting out of control, who has been dealing the drugs, and where the drugs are being sold?
The Tenderloin Police Dept. had answered most of these questions.

5. There are committee's being form and the residents are coming together, can everyone get involved?
The community leaders need one leader from each organization to attend a meeting once a month as a member:
-to come together with ideas and plans
-to work together with our resources
-to make this neighborhood clean and safe

This meeting turn out to be a strong meeting because it got everyone together, and this needed to be done. The one angel that will be attending this committee meeting monthly will be Greencard, everyone is sure he is the right one for this job.

We the Angels wish to thank the person that made this happened, Thank You ANNA!
We would also want to give thumbs up to the Tenderloin Police Dept. for the job that they do!

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tenderloin patrol, 2/6/10

Saturday February 6th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be patrolling the Tenderloin Dist. today. The San Jose Guardian Angels will be our guest for this patrol, the San Jose chapter leader is Sarge. Everyone has arrived on time and now we are ready to get the patrol started, we begin with prebrief, we are all in uniform, we will be using all the radio's for communication. This patrol will be a little different but basically the same tour, the patrol leader for today is Shadow from San Jose, he will lead team one and J.D. with Sarge will lead team two and now we are ready to head out to the TL.

Shadow marches the teams to 5th & Market, we post up, it is All Clear. Next we march to Turk St. as soon as we hit Turk St. the SFPD sees our patrol, they then called us over to shake our hands and to thank us for being out on the streets. Next we get to the 201 Turk building, we post up, it is All Clear.

Next we march to the Turk-Hyde Mini Park, we check out the park perimeter, it is All Clear. Next we march to Jones St. & Ellis St. (AKA) Cobra's Corner, we post up, there was a drug dealer or two but soon as they seen us they headed down the road, it is now All Clear.

Next we march to O'Farrell St. & Jones St. we post up in the middle of the block, there was some crack smoking but it stop as soon as they seen us, but what caught our attention was a homeless female going through her things, she then pulled out an orange to offer it to an angel, this had touch us in some way that we had never seen before. We could not except it, we just had to stay focus on the people that were yelling at us and calling us all kinds of names until it had calmed down, it is now All Clear.

Next we marched to the 631 The Hamilton building, we post up, by doing this a community leader for the building & neighborhood stopped to talk to us to invited the angels for a community meeting on Friday, we agreed and we will be looking forward for this meeting. As Guardian Angels this is what we do, we will work with you to make it a safe neighborhood, to make it a safe community, and to make it a safe city, and this is why we should work together.

Next we march to Sergeant John Macaulay Park, we check out the park perimeter, it is All Clear. Next we check out the alley-ways, no bad guys here, this will give us some time to take a few photo's, the alleys are All Clear.

Now we had reached Van Ness and it is getting late, Shadow has decided to call it a patrol, we then begin to march down Van Ness to Geary St.

We then make a left to march down Geary St. all the way to 5th & Market St. we post up for a minute to catch our breath. Next we march to the HQ, we get to Mission St. we make a right, march down a bit and there is the HQ. Everyone is in the office to begin debrief, to discuss how the patrol went, and to discuss how everyone did, but one thing did stand out.

The New Generation- is the topic, and our youth members is this New Generation!
1. Scorpion (18)
2. Apachee (16)
3. Nemo (16)
4. Matador (16)
5. T J (16) was absent

The patrol turn out great, with the help of the San Jose Guardian Angels Chapter it could not have been done any better!

The San Francisco Chapter wish to Thank the San Jose Chapter for all there Help!
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mission Patrol, 1/30/10

Saturday January 30th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be patrolling the Mission Dist. today. We do have a guest chapter here as well, it is the Contra Costa Chapter and the chapter leader is Spider. Everyone has arrived on time and now we are ready to get the day started, we begin with prebrief and updates, we have the patrol leader picked out for today it is Electra. Electra has put two teams together, she will lead team one and Scorpion will lead team two, there are eight angels on each team, both teams will have one first aid tech, and we will be using all radios for communication.

Next Electra marches the teams to the bus stop, we get on bus #14, we get to our stop, this stop is 18th & Mission, we post up, it is All Clear. This patrol will be about the same tour as we always do, we march to 24th street BART STATION first and post up, there was some activity about to start between two females, they were wanting to fight but we were not going to let that happen \ it is now All Clear. We then check Travis Alley \ it is All Clear, we check out Alioto Park / it is All Clear, we check out Kid Power Park \ it is All Clear.

Next we march down to our two favorite alleys (Hunter's Alley & Lover's Lane Alley) now we have something \ a few dirty needles to put into our Bio-Containers \ now it is All Clear. Last but not least, we march to 16th street BART STATION and post up, most everyone always seems to take off when they see the Guardian Angels, the reason being; they're dealing drugs and they know we will do something about it, but that is cool because we have calmed down things a little bit \ now it is All Clear.

Next Electra decides to call it a day, even though it is what it is for the day to turn out with little action. We get on bus #14 to head back to the HQ, we get off at our stop, this stop is 6th & Mission, we march to the HQ, we get to the HQ right on schedule. Next we begin debrief, this will take some time because there were so many of us today for patrol, and everyone has to put a word in about the patrol today (this is debrief). As observers, Greencard did see gang bangers following team one for a few blocks, he did call the team in time, but be advised you have to stay focused, because this can be dangerous.

Observer J.D. I think Electra did a very good job for a very big patrol, and she will be leading more patrols in the future. As for the Contra Costa Chapter, we were very excited to see them join the San Francisco Chapter today for patrol, to give them training, to give them support, and to invite them back anytime for our patrols.

We wish to Thank their Chapter and their Chapter Leader (Spider) for a patrol well done!

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