Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tenderloin patrol, 3/7/09

We began our day with 12 Guardian Angels and a prebrief before the patrol. We have begun patrolling regularly in the Tenderloin. We start out at Turk St. and then we patrol up and down these streets with focus and strength expecting the unexpected but we are trained and we are ready. After patrolling the streets we reach our second check-in point on O'Farrell, so far so good.

As our patrol seems to be coming to an end, we come across some people gambling, smoking crack, and drinking. We posted up, asked for the crack pipe, but did not receive it, asked for the bottle, but did not receive it, so we told the guy to take it somewhere else and not to do this in front of families and kids.

This man did not care. This man did not respond and we did not want to escalate the problem but we gave the man advice to seek help for his problem with drugs. This is the way the Tenderloin can get because of the drugs and the drug dealing. We will not give up, and we will do everything that we can to help this neighborhood with the crime, the drugs, and the violence.

We made it back to HQ for our debrief, everyone spoke about the day and everyone feels they made a difference. We Dare to Care!

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