Monday, January 25, 2010

HQ maintenance, 1/23/10

Saturday January 23rd 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels where not able to do a patrol today, due to the weather and the flu. Yes the weather in San Francisco has been rainy and rainy and more this rain week, but we do need the rain for the water. Yes the flu can hit anybody, and nobody likes to be sick with the flu, plus you can make other people sick. So we decided to do Headquarters Cleaning, the dusting, the vacuuming, the windows, dumping the trash, everything that needed to be done, we did it for our HQ. This way we try to maintain it clean by it not being to dirty or unorganized. So we do put a lot of time and effort into the HQ, because it helps to prepare for patrols, it helps for recruiting, it helps to be more organized, and it helps us to be more professional. The HQ is the office for the San Francisco Guardian Angels and that is what it is and nothing else, and only Guardian Angels are allowed in the HQ unless it is for training or recruiting.

The HQ does have (12) rules that the angels go by for our chapter, but this is for members to know only. The HQ is not a kitchen, so there is no eating allowed but you can have a drink, as for drinking there is NO ALCOHOL allowed in or anywhere around the HQ at all. The HQ is a office set up by Curtis Sliwa and the organization, to provide a service to this city, to provide safety for our streets, and to provide a chance to change our lives for the better.
Thank You! to the members that helped out in the cleaning of the HQ.


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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1/16/10, handcuff training, bus patrols

Saturday January 16th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be having Handcuff Training and Bus Patrols today. This handcuff training will be passed on to the SFGA and the SJGA chapters by one of the Sheriff's Dept. finest. The training will consist of, (1) Type of handcuffs used, (2) Handcuff Procedures, (3) Arrest Procedures, (4) And Safety Procedures. We the SFGA are always grateful and thankful to receive training, this also helps the chapters and its members to do a better job as angels. Next is for everyone to show up on time, and everyone did, so this training went very good and the trainer did a very good job, we will be asking this trainer back again in the future.

Next we begin prebrief, then we all get ready for bus patrols, we will be on bus #14 for our tour, Lion will be the patrol leader, we have one first aid tech, and we will be using all radios for communication.

Lion takes the team out, we march to the bus stop, we get on bus #14, we split up, we post up on the bus. Lion makes the calls, he is the one who assigns the post you will be on the bus, we do not let anyone in the back doors of the bus unless they have a bus pass or a transfer.

For this reason they are breaking the law by coming in the back door, it is unsafe, and we also think this is why the bus fares keep going up in price. But as we move along on the ride, our tour is not to bad tour, there is no one drinking, there is no one doing drugs, there is no one doing any graffiti, everything seems to be All Clear.

As for the ride we got to know the bus driver, we got to know the passengers, but we as angels still stay focus on this tour. We did ride this bus out-bound and it is a long tour, when we had reach the end of the bus route the bus driver stopped for his break so we got off to take our break. Next we got back on the bus #14, got back to the post we where at on the bus, and now we are ready to return to the city.

As for the ride going back it was basically the same, but we where all still focused on this tour, and there were still no bad guys so Lion's decision was to call a day and head back to the HQ. As Guardian Angels we all know that it takes heart and soul and dedication to do what we do, and if there is nothing that happens then the reason is because we where out there doing something about it or prevented it from happening.

As we reached our stop, we got off of the bus and post up on the wall, we did thank the bus driver as we always do. Next Lion marches the team to the HQ. we are home as some of us sees it, but it is HQ, we change back into our street clothes but before that we want to take some photos of our new patches we have, they are called Fallen Angel Patches, we are very proud to waer these patches with HONOR of our angels that had died for our cause.

We wish to THANK!
Mr. Banks for his time and effort (The Training).

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tenderloin night patrol, 1/9/10

Saturday January 9th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be doing a night patrol in the Tenderloin Dist. All the angels start arriving around 2:00pm to change into uniforms and to do prebrief, Greencard is here to advise the angels on up-coming events. On this night Cobra will be patrol leader, I J.D. and Scorpion will be observers, there are two certified first aid angels, we will be using all radios for communication, we have all of this for the team tonight. We prebrief, we are in uniform, we are partnered up, and now we are ready to head out into the streets of the Tenderloin Dist.

Cobra begins by marching the team to Turk St. we get to 201 Turk St. Apts. we post up for awhile, All Clear. Next we march to Turk-Hyde Mini Park, we post up, we check the perimeter, picked up some broken glass bottles, it is now All Clear. Cobra then marches the team to Van Ness to check on a hot spot, a parking garage, we get there, we pick up some dirty needles and put them into our BIO-Container's, the area is now All Clear.

Next we marched to Eddy St. we get to a corner and notice a man injured, laying on the sidewalk, we post up, first aid angels observed him, he had a head concussion, we called for EMT's, they arrived, they looked him over and took him to the hospital.

Cobra then yells lets move out, next we march into the alley-ways focusing on what we might run into next and we are all ready to back each other up. "Man oh man", is a term used to say when you know someone is using DRUGS but denies it. As we walked up to these homeless men camped out in this alley-way, there were needles in front of them with dope still in them, we asked them who did they belong to? they said the needles weren't theirs. Cobra then explains to them that they needed to leave the area, we then picked up the needles, pushed out the dope from the needles, put them into the BIO-Containers, this is all we could do, we had no proof it was theirs.

Next we march to Cobra's Corner, Ellis St. & Jones St. as soon as we get there we take a crack pipe off a crackhead, a crackhead is a bad term for someone that is addicted to crack, but this is what they are called because they do nothing else but use this drug. They do not care if they eat, they do not care where they sleep, they do not care how they look and they never have NO money, this is addiction. So we smash the crack pipe on the street and tell him to get into treatment and we move on, we move on to O'Farrell St. post up on some corners, but they are All Clear.

Next we get to 631 O'Farrell St. Apts. we post up, Cobra then decides to send Scorpion and some angels across street to check out this small alley-way. Scorpion and his team came back with a crack pipe and a some marijuana that they took from a man, he told Scorpion that this was his first time doing this and that he will never do it again, so Scorpion made him leave the area and explained to him never to return here ever again. We then smashed the crack pipe on the street and scattered the pot on the street, in front of all angels because we do not take any drugs back to the HQ.

Next we march to Sergeant John Macaulay Park, we post up, we check the perimeter, picked up some broken glass bottles, it is now All Clear. Cobra is ready to call it a night, but we still have to march ourselves out of the TL, we stay focus and we stay alert, we go down this block, we go down that block until we get to the HQ.

We are back SAFE and we are little tired, we now began our debrief, this is where all the angels put there hearts on the table and say what this patrol meant and what they had learned, this was a very productive patrol.

We did have one member come down from San Jose Chapter.
Thank You San Jose Chapter.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mission Night Patrol, sex offender arrested

Saturday January 2nd 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be patrolling the Mission Dist. tonight. All the angels start arriving at the HQ around 2:00pm, this is so we have time to change into our uniforms and to do our prebrief. While everyone is getting ready in the HQ, Greencard was downstairs speaking with Tess from the Philippine Rest. when all of a sudden a man had walk in from the streets drunk as a skunk. Greencard asked him if he could help him, he said no bye yelling and cussing at Greencard and Tess, he then started to head down to the lower level of the Mint Mall, Greencard got in front of him and called me J.D. on my cell phone, I came down and observed the man arguing with Greencard.

Both me and Greencard knew this was not the time to argue with a drunk, so me and Greencard escorted the man out of the building. But Tess had already called the police, and the police said to hold the man there until they arrive, but the man had already walked down a half block. We did get to him and stopped him, and then the police arrived, they ask his name and ran it through there computer. This man was wanted, he was a fugitive, he was a sex offender, this man was going to jail, because the Guardian Angels assisted the police and because this guy was a bad guy, plain and simple.

Now we can get the patrol going, Greencard and J.D. will be observers, Scorpion will be patrol leader, there are three First Aid Angels, there will be only one team, and we will all be using radios for communication. We did prebrief, everyone is in uniform, everyone is paired up, we locked the HQ, next we march to the bus stop. The team gets to the bus stop, we get on the #14 bus and head to the Mission Dist. We get to the BART STATION on 16th street, our stop, Scorpion knows this tour very well, but first he posted everyone up at this corner for awhile, All Clear! Then we march to Hunters Alley and Lovers Lane Alley, we picked up some dirty needles, but the rest is All Clear!

Next we march to KID POWER PARK we post up there and we observed the park, it too is All Clear!

Next Scorpion marches the team up Mission Street from 16th to 24th street, on the way Scorpion and the team come up on a man and a woman smoking a crack pipe, they get it from them and tell them to go to rehab, then Scorpion smashes the pipe on the street.

Next stop is the ALIOTO PARK we post up there and we observed the park, it too is All Clear! Scorpion then U-Turns the team to Harrison Street, we march up a few blocks until we get to 24th street, this area is All Clear!

Next we post up at the 24th street BART STATION, as we are posted up a woman comes up from BART and notices the Angels, she walks over and gives us hugs and thanks us for the job that we do. This can make you really feel proud of what you do when stuff like this happens.

Next Scorpion is ready to call it a night, but first we have to march back down to 16th street BART STATION, so we march, 23rd street, 22nd street, 21st street, 20th street, 19th street, 18th street, 17th street, next 16th street. We post up at this corner and we all look at each other and we can't believe our eyes of how quiet it is, but we say this is a good thing, a safe thing.

Next we get on the #14 bus and head back to the HQ, we get to the HQ, we begin debrief, we change back into our street clothes. We are a strong chapter, we are a trained chapter, and we have very good leaders in our chapter, for us to be a chapter like this is because of our founder and our Angel One (Curtis Sliwa).
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