Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Saturday, 4/24/10 Mission Patrol

Saturday April 24th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will have a full schedule today, we have a self defense class, and a split patrol of two teams. One team will do an event at Union Square, and the other team will do a patrol in the Mission Dist. All the angels start arriving at the HQ around 3:00pm to change into their uniforms, and to begin the self defense training. Our instructor is one of our own members in the chapter, code name Warrior. This training was on Pressure Points on your body, and believe me every angel did feel the pain from those pressure points, and we were shown how to do take downs by using them.

We as Guardian Angels do try to receive as much training as we can, in Self Defense, First Aid, CPR, and Handcuffs. This helps the angels to be better trained for the streets against the bad guys, and to be better prepared when we need to save someone's life. After the training we begin with prebrief for our up and coming events, and we do have a few for the month of May. Next we move on to who will be leading the teams to these areas, Greencard will lead the team for Union Square event, and Scorpion will lead the team for Mission Dist. We will use all radios for communication, we do have two first aid techs one for each team, and now we are ready to hit the streets. The plan for both teams is to march to Union Square to see how big this event is and if both teams need to stay there or not. We get there, we post up, we decided that one team could handle this event, Greencard's team will be the one to stay at this event with two radios and one fist aid tech. As for Scorpion's team he will have the other two radios with the other first aid tech to march to the bus stop, and to ride the bus to Mission Dist. for a patrol of that area.

This is time consuming but we try to do our best with what time we have left in the day. Scorpion's team gets to the bus stop, we get on bus #14, we get to our stop 16th street BART STATION, we post up for a while, it is calm, all clear. Greencard radio's Scorpion to advise him that his event is a code four, Scorpion advises Greencard the same code, code four. Scorpion then marches the team up Mission St. all the way to Alioto Park, we check it out, it is all clear. Greencard radio's Scorpion again to advise him that they had just took two small bags of weed off of some bad guys and that they had went to jail, but now it is code four, Greencard out.

As for Scorpion's team we then marched to 24th street BART STATION, we post up for awhile, it to was all clear.

Now we where thinking this is going to be one of those nights until we get to Travis Alley, man you talk about a pipe, a really big pot pipe, this was a major find, someone stashed it in the alley to not have it in their home, but it is not there any more.

So all in all, Scorpion's team did a good job in the Mission Dist. Greencard's team did a good job at the event. We then next radio each other to call it a night, and that we would meet each other at the HQ.

We all got back to the HQ, we change back to our street clothes, we did debrief. As this chapter grows and grows, we can do more things, we can go to more places, we can help more people. But this takes money, we do need your donations, so please donate to the San Francisco Guardian Angels!

We would like to Thank! these chapters for being a part of this day.

-San Jose Chapter
-Santa Clara Chapter
-Conta Casta Chapter
-Richmond Chapter

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mission night patrol, 4/17/10

Saturday April 17th 2010, we the San Francisco Angels will be doing a night patrol in the Mission Dist tonight. We will have two photographers with us on this tour, Grant and Sasha, and we will make sure they will be protected on this tour. All the angels start arriving at the HQ around 3:00pm to get ready for patrol, we change into uniform and we do our debrief. J.D. and Greencard did put everything on the table for the chapters; up and coming events, the La Carnival and the World Convention, we will be ready for them both. Now back to the patrol, Lion will lead team one, Electra will lead team two, we do have two first aid techs one for each team, we will be using all radios for communication on this patrol. This will be a regular routine tour of this area, everyone is advised, we have also called the Mission Police Dept. to check in, we are good to go. Next we march to the bus stop to catch bus #14, we ride the bus to our bus stop 16th street BART STATION.

We all know what to do once we are off the bus, we post up at this corner, it is all clear. We march on to the alley-ways, Hunters Alley and Lovers Lane Alley, as always we pick up all the dirty needles, we see the addicts run out of the alleys, now the alleys are all clear. We check on Kid Power Park, it is a very observed park, and it is a locked park during the night, it is all clear. Next we march back to 16th street BART STATION, one team on each corner station across the street from each other.

As for team one, Lion's team, we are faced with a drunk female that is out of control, two drunk males that are about to get into a fight. So we handle the two drunk males first, we make sure that they where separated apart to calm them down, and they did calm down. We did ask them to leave the area to go there separate ways and they did, one gets on the bus, the other waits for a minute then he hops on that same bus, at least they where calm down and they left the area.

As for the drunk female she was yelling and waving, but the next thing you know she was trying to grab the camera out of one of the photographer hands. But as we did advised, this photographer was protected by one of our angels, this angel did a very good reaction to this drunk female that kept her from getting this camera, great job Warrior. As for team two they are our back up for team one if we need them, they are in view and in radio contact for this patrol. Next we march on, we march up from 16th street BART STATION to 22nd street to check on Alioto Park, it is all clear.

Next we march to 24th street BART STATION, we post up, it to is all clear. Next we march down 24th street to Potrero St. we post up a few times, we did observe a suspicious vehicle going in circles around the block but nothing happened, this area is all clear. Now we get to march back to 24th street BART STATION from Potrero St. but before we get there team two checks out Travis Alley, it is all clear.

We do get to 24th street BART STATION, we do post up again at this corner, it is all clear. What can we say this was a quite night, and all we could do next was to march back down to16th street BART STATION. But before we get there we decided to check on Alioto Park again, this time we walk in on a couple, a male and a female making out and drinking, we advised them to leave the area and that this park is off limits at night, they left, it is now all clear. We got to16th street BART STATION, we posted up on both corners again, it is all clear again.

Lion advises the team to call it a night, we get on bus #14, we get to the HQ, we debrief, we change back into our street clothes. There was one thing that was said in debrief, that this was a boring patrol, the answer to that was, We All Came Back SAFE!
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Monday, April 19, 2010

Bus patrol, Friday 4/1610

Friday April 16th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be doing a bus patrol on a Friday Night. This is a added patrol for this weekend to see what bad guys do on bus #14. This is going to tell us what it is like on a Friday night when everyone starts their partying on bus #14. This is going to explain how all the graffiti gets tagged on the bus #14. And this is going to show us how many people do sneak in the back door without paying on bus #14. Only hand picked angels has showed up at the HQ who is going to do this patrol tonight, we march to the bus stop, we post up to wait for the bus. Next we get on bus #14, we go to our post on the bus, to watch the doors and to observe the entire bus. Tonight of all nights we the angels had prevented drunks, freeloaders, taggers, and these young juveniles from
destroying the bus on this night.

But still it was costly, there were glass doors busted, there were glass windows busted, the bus was hit, the bus was kicked. As for this bus this does happen, but we knew everyone had to be safe, and we where going to make sure it was safe as possible on this bus.

Everyone on the bus where very glad to see the angels tonight, even the bus driver kept announcing the angels are on the bus. This was a bus patrol, a bus patrol that we needed to do as angels. This patrol will be scheduled in as we begin to change out
our patrols, but we my need to give up a Saturday or two if needed. We call it a night, but this was not a long night because we will be coming back again tomorrow for another patrol. We get back to the HQ, we do a small debrief, we change back into our street clothes, and we did came back SAFE! Great job angels.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tenderloin patrol, 4/10/10

Saturday April 10th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be doing a night Patrol in the Tenderloin Dist. tonight. We will have a guest along with us on this patrol, a photographer to do a story on the angels. Everyone begin to arrive at the HQ around 3:00pm, this will give everyone time to change into uniform, to introduce the photographer, and to do our prebrief. The patrol leader tonight will be J.D. he will lead team one, Shadow will lead team two. Warrior will team up with the photographer to make sure that nothing happens to her, he is the right angel for the job. We will be using all radios for communication on this patrol, we do have two first aid techs tonight, one on each team, now we are ready for patrol. We start out by posting up outside the HQ, we do the call to the Tenderloin Police Dept. to check in, then we begin our march to the TL. This will be our regular routine tour of this area, we hit the parks, we hit the alleys, we hit hot spots, and we hit as many streets of this area as we can. We do have resources in this area, the 201 Turk Building, the 631 Hamilton Building, and now we have the Glide Church as a resource, these resources helps the angels to do a better job on the streets.

For the bad part of the patrol, we the angels took three crack pipes off the streets, we the angels took at least twenty five needles off the streets.

For another part of this patrol, we as angels where posted up outside the Glide Church, this male and a female walked past all of us calling the angels, You Fu**ing Fa**ot Angels, every angel said nothing. This took some control for the angels to do this, most of all 14 angels, and even the photographer was amazed. This is what we go though each time we go out on a patrol, and it is expected, and it does take practice to keep your mouth shut.

For more bad stuff on this patrol, our hot spot Cobra's Corner, the worst corner of the TL, we had to go there twice in one night, it was that bad. The drug dealers were out, the crack heads where out, and there where some very bad guys out as well. So we post up, we post up for a good while for our second time there, it was calming down, so we begin to leave with our backs to the corner. Next comes two bottles of piss thrown at our direction, the first one busted open but missed the angels, it had splashed all over the wall, the second one did not come open, this was good.

We stop, we posted up, and we observe all around us, we did not see who through them, but we reacted so fast is why we did not get hit. Next we decided to leave, there was nothing that we could do about it, we begin to march down a few more streets, post up on a few more corners. We then decided to call it a night and march back to the HQ, we get to the HQ, we do debrief, we change back into our street clothes. We did give out two awards to Puma, and to Matador for taking two crack pipes off the street, great job guys.

We would like to Thank Shadow, Chapter Leader For Richmond for his support on this patrol. We would like to also Thank Sasha the photographer for coming out on this patrol.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Convention planning, 4/3/10

Saturday April 3rd 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels have a very busy schedule today. The schedule is, all chapter leaders and their 2nd in commands will be staying for the world convention meeting. All other leaders and all members from each chapter will be going out on patrol in the Tenderloin Dist. The world convention hasn't been in California in a long time, not since 1992. For this meeting every chapter from California is here today in the San Francisco HQ to come up with a plan for the world convention. It is going to take time, it is going to take money, and it is going to take all of the chapters to come together to work together for this world convention. So a lot of ideas are put on the table, no decisions are decided, and we cannot let out the date just yet because it could still be change.

For this patrol, the patrol leader is Lion, he is a good leader and he does know what he is doing, they will using all radios for communications, and there are two first aid techs on their patrol. As for their return, and for our meeting to end, we will be doing a debrief on how their patrol went.

Everyone did give good feedback, and it did turn out to be one of those patrols that everyone learned something, this is good. This was a very productive day, and these kind of days doesn't happen all the time, but it did come true because we want this to be the best convention EVER!

Thank You Chapters For Showing Up;:

1. San Diego Chapter
2. San Francisco Chapter
3. San Jose Chapter
4. Stockton Chapter
5. Salono Chapter
6. Sacramento Chapter
7. Richmond Chapter
8. LA Chapter
9. Inland Empire Chapter
10. Huntington Park Chapter
11. Contra Costa Chapter
12. Oakland Chapter
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tenderloin patrol, 4/3/10

On Saturday 4-3-2010, San Francisco, San Pablo and Sacramento Guardian Angels went to patrol the Tenderloin. Lion of the San Francisco Chapter, led a patrol of 21 Angels which began up O'Farrell Street. Two patrols were split up from one, Lion led patrol one and Apache led the second patrol. The main areas in which we patroled were Taylor, Levinsworth, Larkin and Post. These areas are known for the drug infestation and hang-outs in the parks and in the alleys. Syringes were found along with paraphernalia- round metal containers with plastic baggies containing tiny cottonballs. A undischarged bullet was also found.

Apache led the second patrol on the opposite side of patrol one as we posted up on the corners of Ellis and Jones to observe any possible criminal activity at the Asian Festival Celebration. We posted up near the Asian Crip gang members who were on Taylor and O'Farrell. Both teams marched up pass Van Ness Ave to an area in back of a Burger King well known for prostitution, Drug use and homeless people. More needles were found in that area and we posted up for a time. Both teams marched back down Post Street to HQ. Overall, it was a great patrol. Lion- San Francisco Guardian Angels.

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