Monday, December 28, 2009

Saturday December 26th 2009,

We the San Francisco Guardian Angels want to wish everyone that supports the angels and reads our blog a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We did not have a patrol this weekend, because we did take this holiday to be with our family members and our loved ones. We will resume on January 2nd back on patrols; more night patrols, different patrol leaders, and even a lot more patrols. So please stay posted; for major events, for special guests, and chapter leaders from other cities throughout the state of California to come together to achieve our main goals, Safety and Crime Prevention.

We do need your DONATIONS!

We do need more MEMBERS!

For our future to be stronger and safer for the state of California. Thank You!
Email me to donate or join up.


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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Saturday December 19th 2009 toy and blanket giveaway

We the San Francisco Guardian Angels are giving away toys to the children, and handing out blanket bundles to the homeless today. We will be assisted by other chapters of California; we have the Sacramento Chapter, the San Jose Chapter, the Contra Costa Chapter and the LA Chapter.

Next we divide the chapters into two teams, Greencard will be in charge of the toy team, I J.D. will be in charge of the blanket bundle team. The Toy Team will be set up on the lower level of the mall, there are two Santa Clauses, some clowns, some ballerinas, and a whole lot of toys, there are angels posted up at the main entrance to direct the lines and for everyone's safety.

The Blanket Bundle Team will be handing out the bundles in the Tenderloin District and around the downtown area, we are a team of eight and we can only carry so many bundles, this will take a few trips. Now we are ready, and the families start arriving, the news stations arrive, Greencard's team is stationed and the toy give away begins, as this is going on I J.D. the blanket bundle team head out on our march to give away the blanket bundles.

The Blanket Bundle Team passes out about 30 to 35 bundles each trip, it took three trips but it was well worth it, because you could see and feel from that person of how much it meant to receive one of our blanket bundles. This definitely was a very good thing to do, now if we only had more, we could of gave out more, but that takes more money.

The Toy Team I can't really say much because I was not there, but I know in my heart that Greencard and his team did the best that they could do, and I could see there was a lot more families than we expected, but it all worked out and they did have enough toys. I do have to say, when I and my team had to go back to HQ at the mall for more bundles, we saw the kids coming out of the mall with their toys, and you could see their smiles on their faces, this is a blessing when you get a chance to see this.

There is so many people that where involved that we need to thank and without their help this would not have turn out the way it did.

(1) To all the chapters, for there time and there dedication.
(2) To Tess owner of the Philippine Rest. for the food and gift bags.
(3) To the all Volunteers for there help in all the places we needed it.
(4) To the News Stations, Channel's 5 & 14. for the air time.
(5) To Marko the clown, and his customs.
(6) To the Non Profits of the Mint Mall.
(7) To Jorge stand by Santa Claus.
(8) To Greencard our main Santa Claus, for his dream to come true.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

SF GA party and event, 12/12/09

Saturday December 12th 2009, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be involved in two events for today. First Event, is the chapter's Christmas Party, we all deserve some time to hang out with each other, to get to know one another, as a team, as a chapter, and as a GA family. This also helps us to be respectful to each other, on how we treat each other and how we want others to treat us. We are a tight group and we are a good group, and when we are out in those streets we watch each other's back, and it makes me feel better that I know that person's first and last name that is watching my back. We don't have parties all the time, but since it is the holidays we all agreed to have this one (but no drinking) and as it turns out, we all do get along pretty good as the San Francisco Guardian Angels Chapter.

Second Event, The 2009 Parol Lantern Festival & Parade. All the angels had got back to the HQ to change into uniforms and to get everything ready for this event. Greencard will be in charge and he will be leading the team to this event.

Next we begin marching down the street to the St. Patrick's Church, and it is pouring down rain, but that doesn't stop the angels because we are apart of this event. We get there, they advised us the Parade had been canceled due to the rain, but the rest of the Festival will be inside the church, we go inside and we wait until everyone arrives or until it starts.

Next, all the organizations are put into sections of the church for everyone to get ready to show off their PAROL LANTERNS. Now the event begins, and this is an event that I J.D. had never done or any of us have ever done, but we watched and we listened, we saw singers, we saw dancers, we saw performers and we saw a lot of people show up. WOW, there are so many organizations here representing their neighborhood and their community center, for all these organizations it means a lot to do this event every year.

Next we the Guardian Angels and with another organization called SOMCAN go up to do our PAROL LANTERN SHOW, it was OK but we could of done better. We think the reason is this was our first time doing this, and as for the others they really had their stuff going on because they have done this before.

We say; wait till next year, but we all had a lot of fun and we all understand what this FESTIVAL means.

We Wish To Thank!
1. Tess owner of the Philippine Rest.
3. All the Organizations
4. The St. Patrick's Church

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Blanket-Bundle Drive

The San Francisco Guardian Angels are planning to give away 100 blanket-bundles to those in need. But we need your help! Your donation of $5, $10, $20 or more will allow us to help the homeless residents of the Downtown area to be just a little warmer this Holiday Season.

Each blanket-bundle will contain a 4-foot by 5-foot Signature red fleece blanket with Guardian Angels logo, and a black stocking cap, and pair of black fleece gloves with cinched wrist and clip. The bundle is contained in a polyester carrying strap allowing the items to be easily carried and stored.

It's cold out there...but you can make it a bit warmer!!!!

Some people will huddle close together to keep warm this winter season. As a small organization, we can't do much, but we can do something, and this is our first step in that direction.

We need the help of the community to raise the money to buy the blankets, hats and gloves and FAST!! We need to raise donations in the next few weeks in order to distribute the blanket-bundles in time for winter.

Please help us by donating today. And then forward this to a friend.
We are a 501(c)(3). To donate send your donations to:

San Francisco Guardian Angels
953 Mission Street, Suite 201
San Francisco, CA 94103

If you have any questions give us a call, Jerry Longoria, Chapter Leader at 415.871.7260 or Freddy Batres, CA Leader at 415.987.2960.
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Toy and Blanket Bundle Drive, 12/5/09

Saturday December 5th 2009, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels are getting ready for our Toy and Blanket Bundle Drive. The toys and the blanket bundles will be handed out on Saturday December 19th 2009, the time will be 10:00am to 2:00pm, so everything has to be prepared and has to be ready for this day. As for today all the angels start arriving around 11:00am to begin with our prebrief and to discuss our plans for the upcoming event, we even have the San Jose Guardian Angels Chapter here to help us out for today. Next we take photos of both chapters with Tess and Meriam, with all the stuff that we are giving away to the children and to the homeless.

Now we begin with, (Plan One) Call the media for a press release, news papers, news stations, anyone that could help put out our event, Greencard and Electra will stay at the HQ just in case the media show up. (Plan Two) Most all the San Francisco Guardian Angels and the San Jose Guardian Angels will be going out into the streets handing out fliers about Blanket Bundle Drive. (Plan Three) The angels split into two teams, One team will pass out the fliers to the business and the other team will pass theirs out to the people walking at Union Squire. Now that all of this is out of the way we just have to wait and see what media will be there and wait and see how many children show up, because we did try hard and we did try our best to put out the event.

As for today, Greencard did get one news station to the HQ that did put out our event on TV, this was good, and we did give out all of our fliers, this was good too. We the San Francisco Guardian Angels have never done anything like this before, we may make mistakes, we may be excited, and we may be overwhelmed, but we care, we care for the children and we care for the homeless.

All of this took a lot of work and we did not do this alone, we did have help; The Marine Corp. The non-profits at Mint Mall, The Phillipina Rest. And we will receive help from the Sacramento Chapter, the San Jose Chapter, the Contra Costa Chapter on the day of the event.

Have a wonderful and safe Holiday to you all and we will see you all on December 19th, God Bless You All!

Thanks Again San Jose Chapter For The Help On This Day.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sacramento parade and patrol, 11/28/09

Saturday November 28th 2009, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be traveling over to Sacramento to visit the Sacramento Chapter, to do patrols and to be in a Holiday Parade. All the angels who are going on this trip must arrive early at the HQ, to get ready and to get to the Greyhound Bus Station on time. We are prepared, and we are excited to get this chance to travel and to get the experience of what other chapters do. We all know we have to be on our best behavior, and we all know we have to stick together until we get there, next we do our prebrief and we begin our march to the bus station. All the angels boarded the bus and now we are headed for Sacramento.

We all catch some sleep before we get there. Our contact person is the chapter leader for this city, and his code name is Sir Kent. We have now arrived in downtown Sacramento, we get off the bus, we regrouped inside the station, we also meet up with Sir Kent. Next we march to the check point for our spot in line for the Parade, we the San Francisco Chapter and the Sacramento Chapter really look good together as one big chapter coming together to do an event, this was amazing.

Next we begin our march down the streets of the city as Guardian Angels in this parade, we all smile and we all wave our hands up in the air and we wish everyone a Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year, this too was amazing. Now we are ready for patrols, but first we take care of our gear and we take care of our hotel arrangements, this gives everyone a chance to meet one another from each other chapters.

For the patrol Sir Kent will be the patrol leader and Bishop will be the shadow leader, we next split up into two teams, we start out marching through the city streets until we get to the mall, this is NEW TOWN. Next we march through a tunnel to get to our next area, OLD TOWN, the buildings really look like they came right out of the western days, it was a good patrol seeing this area.

Next Sir Kent marched the teams back into the city streets because our next patrol will take us on the T-Rail, it is like the MUNI Train back home.

We get on the T-Rail, we are still split up into two teams, this way we are able to cover more cars. This also showed us, the San Francisco Guardian Angels that the Sacramento Chapter do know their areas, their streets, and their city, they are a very good chapter with a very good leader. We the San Francisco Guardian Angels could not name any of the streets that we patrolled and we did not know any of the ares we where in, but we do want to come back to do more patrols with the Sacramento Chapter in the future so that we can get to know their streets and their areas of this beautiful city.

Next Sir Kent then advises the teams that this is it, we have had a long patrol and long day, he then thanked us for coming down and said for us to stay in touch, we then said our goodbyes and went off in different directions. We the San Francisco Guardian Angels finally make it to the hotel after getting off the T-Rail, we are a little tired but we have to do a debrief because it helps us realize how important it is to make these kind of trips, and to discuss what we had learned from today's patrol.

Next we sleep, we wake up, we take the T-Rail to the Amtrak Train Station, we board the train, now we are heading home. We finally get to San Francisco, but we still have to march back to the HQ to leave uniforms or to pick up things we left behind, next we are here at HQ everyone said there goodbyes and went there own way.

We wish to thank Sir Kent and the Sacramento Chapter for inviting us, and we would like to invite Sir Kent and your chapter to our city anytime!

Thank You Sir Kent!

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mission night patrol, 11/21/09

Saturday November 21st 2009, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be doing a night patrol in the Mission Dist. and we will have a reporter with us as a walk along to see what we do. All the angels who will being going on this patrol start arriving at the HQ around 3:00pm and even the reporter has arrived at this time, now we are ready to begin the schedule. We start out with our prebrief and our upcoming events, next we pick the patrol leaders and the teams for tonight's patrol. Scorpion will be the patrol leader for both teams, Hunter will be leading the shadow team, I J.D. will be the tail of the shadow team with the reporter, next we hand out all the radio's for communication, now we are ready for patrol.

Scorpion takes charge and we march to the bus stop, we all get on bus #14, we get to our stop which is the 16th street BART STATION where we all post up. The drug dealers take off, some went that away and some went this away because they know who we are, we did see money exchange hands but we did not see any of the drugs. Scorpion calls it, all clear lets move out, next we get to the alleys, Hunters Alley and Lovers Lane Alley, we pick up some dirty needles an put them in the containers that we carry, we pick up someones stash, a nice and almost new crack pipe, we smashed that to pieces.

Scorpion then marches the teams to Kid Power Park but it is locked, this is good because kids don't play in the dark, only bad guys. Scorpion then marches the teams back to the 16th street BART STATION where we all post up again, it is still all clear. Next we begin to march up Mission Street to the 24th street BART STATION, along the way we did stop at the Allioto Park it too was locked up, Scorpion then marches the teams back to Mission Street where we stop and take a few photos, but we do get to 24th street BART STATION where we all post up, no bad guys here.

Next Scorpion takes us down a new alley before we get to Travis Alley, but both alley's are all clear. Scorpion then decides to march down Capp Street, this street is a well known prostitute area, so we march, we check on a few homeless that where asleep on the sidewalks to see if they needed any medical attention, they advised to us that they where OK. Next Scorpion marches the teams back to Mission Street, this is where we turn right to march back down to 16th street BART STATION, before we get there we help a store owner move his fruit stand back inside his store, we helped a homeless man with his hand with first aid, we gave directions to tourist.

Next Scorpion calls it a night but decides that we all should go and get some STARBUCKS before we head back to the HQ, this was a great idea because we all like coffee.

Next we got to the HQ, we did our debrief and we all appreciate on how this night turned out because we all came back safe and we all did a great job as the San Francisco Guardian Angels.

We do wish to Thank Lisa for a great job as our walk along and that she is always wecome to come back anytime. Please do stay in touch, because people like you know how important it is to write what you see and not write what you don't.


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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Haight, Golden Gate Park patrol, 11/14/09

Saturday November 14th 2009, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be patrolling the Haight Ashbury Dist. today. All the angels start arriving at the HQ around 11:00am to get ready for patrol, to change into uniform and to do our prebrief. The leader of this patrol will be Williams, he has been in the chapter for some time now and we need to see if he can lead the patrol. Williams will be lead team and Scorpion is his shadow team, next we partner up and hand out all the radios for communication. I J.D. and Greencard will be observers and only observers, this is not first time we have tried this, we have to see how this patrol turns out.

Williams makes the call let's move out, we all march to the bus stop, we get on bus #6 to the Haight Ashbury Dist. we get off at the main street of the Haight, we post up, we team up, and we march down the main street to Golden Gate Park. There were no bad guys, no drug dealers, and no gang bangers, this is good for the main street of the Haight. Now we are at the Golden Gate Park, the teams are ready so we march into the park and before you know it Williams team acknowledges drug activity and drinking in public from a group, so we all post up while he and his partner makes communication with the group, the group hides everything they have and denies they had anything.

At this time the SFPR, San Francisco Park Rangers arrive, one ranger comes up to the group and Williams and ask is there a problem, the group calmed down and said the angels should not be here and that we are the ones that started it by interrupting their partying. The Ranger said there is no partying in the park and that they needed to move along, they said they would if the angels would, the Ranger called his supervisor to come to the area, he showed up and talked to me and Greencard and advises the chapter to call ahead of time to check in first if we could before we come into this district, we agreed and receive their phone contact.

Williams marched us out of the park back to the main street (Haight Ashbury), our next stop is David's house, David is one of our supporters, we get there, and David invites us all to come in, we all talk about the neighborhood on how it is getting, and how it is getting a little better, next we thanked David and marched back to our bus stop. We get on the bus, we get back to the HQ, we began our debrief, and everything turned out not to bad, everyone learned something today and everyone came back safe, I would like to thank Williams and his leadership on a well done job!

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