Friday, April 3, 2009

Tenderloin on 2/13/09, Vallejo on 2/14/09

On Friday the 13th we had a night patrol in the Tenderloin. On Saturday was the Guardian Angel anniversary party. We had chapters from Reno, Oakland, Solano County, Stockton, San Diego, LA, and Stanislaus County for the Friday patrol.

This patrol was a training exercise in addition to a normal patrol to show other chapters what it is like in San Francisco. We posted up on some of the hottest corners that there are in the TL and we stood our ground. There was a lot of yelling and name calling because we were there, but no major problems. We all came back safe and we all did a good job for a night patrol.

The next day was the 30 year anniversary party for the Guardian Angels. We began the day with a news conference at City Hall in Vallejo with all the Guardian Angels from all the chapters of California.

This was a statement to do this with this many Guardian Angels. Then we went to one of the churches that provided for us for the party. We met with city officials and with praise for our work. This was a moment to remember and reflect on what we do. We are a family, we are brothers and sisters and we do Dare to Care!

Thank you to all the chapters and all the leaders.

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