Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tenderloin patrol, 4/4/09

This weekend we had Guardian Angels from the Solano and Oakland chapters. We began our day with a prebrief and 16 Guardian Angels. JD led the first team and Scorpion led the shadow team.

We started the patrol at Turk St. and posted up on a few corners, but there were no problems. We went to O'Farrell St., Geary St and then we went to Ellis St. and the drug dealing was really bad. We posted up and things got a little quieter and some of the dealers left while residents came outside. You could tell the difference of the kind of people that ran the corners and those that wanted to go to the store.

After a short while a police car pulled up in front of us and the officer asked who was in charge. I spoke with him and he shook our hands because he had gotten a lot of calls from the local residents about the drug dealing going on that day, but by the time he arrived most of them had left since we were on their corner now. This was good because it shows the Guardian Angels and the police are on good terms and we can work together. But most of all the neighborhood, the community respects us as we respect them.

We will help out as much as we can because we do Dare to Care. Got back to our HQ. We came back safe from a good patrol. We would like to thank:

Omar, Solano Chapter Leader
Ajax, Oakland Chapter Leader

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