Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mission patrol, 4/11/09

We started the day with prebrief, we had 13 Guardian Angels. Today is the day that we are going back into the Mission after awhile of being in the Tenderloin, we will have the same two teams, a lead team and a shadow team.

We will use our radio's for this day, for better communication and for a better patrol. Keep in mind it is a nice day and Easter will be tomorrow, anything could happen but we are ready. Got to Mission Dist. 16th st. same routine and our same tour, first stop Hunters Alley not to bad, expected worst, but did pick up a few needles with drugs still in them.

But we move on, with Scorpion leading the lead team and me leading the shadow team, checked Kid Power Park all clear, checked Aliot Park all clear, and all the other alley's we checked were all clear. This is a very fine day, no problems and everyone was in a good mood, so we decided to call it a day. From 24th st. we marched back to 16th st. with no problems, caught the #14 bus and headed back to our HQ, did debreif, and called it a safe day, and everyone did not expect this kind of a day, but they do happen.

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