Friday, April 3, 2009

Mission patrol, 2/28/09

We started our day with pre-brief at our HQ. We headed out to the Mission in two teams with Greencard leading one team and JD leading the other. We have been patrolling the Mission for a very long time.

We do our alleyways, we do our clearing of parks, and we do our posting up. But the highlight of the day was towards the end of the day coming down from 24th St. and Mission. We got almost to 21st and Mission and we heard a loud sound like a bomb. We looked behind us and there was a cloud of smoke. Greencard said let's go to it and it was on the corner of 22nd and Mission St. The Wells Fargo Bank had just had a car crash into it. There was a woman driver that was the only one in the vehicle and she was bleeding from her head but she was OK.

We as Guardian Angels made a perimeter around the entrance of the bank keeping anyone from going inside. Then we were directing traffic to move the vehicles along. We knew the police were on their way and we knew the ambulance was on its way along with the Fire Dept. Thanks to the Mission District residents this did not get out of hand.

We made it back to HQ, did a debrief, and it was another safe patrol in the Mission.

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