Monday, June 27, 2011

6-24-2011 day and night market street

Today we are going on patrol in the market street.We all meet at HQ aound 6:30pm we all talking about what has been going in around market street so we all wanted to go over there and see what is going on with our eyes.

We posted up to watch some people and watch some kids that was just hanging out.

We just like looking at some of the blds around us

Posted up on the street to see what we got going on in the street.

posted up right by the cable car

And again another great night we all come back safe.Was a great night and we got to talk to some people about the SF GA. Read the rest

6-17-2011 meetting with police in mission

We the guardian Angels went to have a meeting with the police today.It is nice to know that we have them on ours side out here.we met at HQ at 3pm to head that way.we did prebief than headed out.

We posted up outside of HQ to start the day we marched out to 5 th street to get on the 14 bus line to head down to 15th street.

Chapter leader Lion

We march from 15th to the police station we stop along the way to talk to some of the ppl and see what they know about what is going on.

We march down to the p0olice station,

We made it to the police station.This station is the one for the Mission Dist.

Lion was talking to the capt. of the mission we have wanted to meet with him for sometime now.

our pic with the capt.

We need to do some patroling today so we march down to to Mission street and post up around 16th street and just see what we can see out today.

Well today patrol was great we had to end the day and we got alot done today so happy that we all got to go out safe and come back just the same.We took the 14 bus line back to HQ to do debief and fsend everyone home to there family
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mission patrol 6-10-2011

Tonight we the San Fransico Guardian Angels went out to the Mission Dist.We all met up at the H.Q at around 6:30 pm tonight and we hit the street at 7pm.Tonight we wear black ribons for the two Fire Fighter that gave there life to keep the city safe day and night.

This is some pic of some of the team getting ready to prebief.

More of the team about to rock and shock the Mission with 2 teams.

We posted up in font of the HQ to start the night.

And yes greencard is back it was so nice to have him with us tonight.Welcome back Green card!

This is our chapter leader making the call to the police to let them know where we are going.

This is team one posted up at the bus stop waiting for the bus to show so they can head to 16 street.

This would be team two waiting for bus.

Well Tonight team two didnt get off at 16th we went to 24th and posted up and run in to gang members at 24th.We where there for sometime but then team one came to team two and then everything was Code 4.

At 16 street this was found and the first aid had taking it and talk to the right people that give the things out to the drug user.

But this was a good fine to get off the streets it is way to much for one to it was getting late so the teams call it a night and headed back to HQ for Debief.Everyone came back safe so it was a great night.Thanks to all members
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Solano Country 25th annual " pista sa nayon" filipino festival

San Francisco Guardian Angels was ask to attend Solano Country 25th Annual Filipino Festival .We went over by ferry and there was 5 SF Angels that went over.

This is LT electra wait for ferry

On ferry Nemo was there to make sure to got to valljo

safe on ferry

It was raining at the Festival but a little rain will not stop the Chapters from doing the job at hand.

Angels check out what the festival

SF Angels working with Solano having A good time in the rain.

Oh yea it is rainning

See we do have fun but just a little then back to work.

Omar looking at rain when we all was trying to dry off.

San Francisco would like to thank Solano Country for Inviting us to Festival we had a good time and we learn how your group work there.IT was a nice Festival but for the rain but we are GA rain or sunhine we go.Thanks again to Omar and team to having us.
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