Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Santa Cruz Trip 6/26/10

Saturday June 26th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels, Santa Clara Guardian Angels and the San Jose Guardian Angels will be traveling over to Santa Cruz today. This is a meet and greet to this city and we have been invited, to meet the citizens, to take a tour, to show our presents. Back at the HQ all the angels show up on time but we are in a hurry, we change into uniforms, we prebrief, and then load into the vans. At the last minute, we did have one member of the Stockon Chapter join us on this tour.

The travel time takes away time that we could be using for patrolling, but this is what it is all about going to another city. The two vans arrive at our meeting spot to meet with the citizens of Santa Cruz, we also meet with the media of Santa Cruz. We talk to them all to explain what the Guardian Angels are, and what we do, but is this city ready for a chapter or not, we will see.

Next, the citizens and the Guardian Angels get into two teams, team one will be lead by (Sarge) San Jose Chapter Leader and team two will be lead by (J.D.) San Francisco Chapter Leader, there will be one observer (Greencard). We do have radio's and we do have first aid techs with us on this tour, we are always prepared, we have to be.

As we patrol, our first spot is a park, it is called drug park because of all the drugs that you could buy there, it is all clear. Next we march down some side streets, not to bad, except we did picked up two needles, not looking to good for Santa Cruz but it is all clear.

Next we march to the boardwalk, this is a beautiful city and the air is very clean, but here it comes (the pot heads), they are yelling at us, they are cussing at us, they are trying to start fights with us, they followed us for about a mile. This was enough, we had citizens on patrol and we did not want to get into a convertation. So Sarge makes the call, we call the Santa Cruz Police Dept. they arrived and we explained that we are not here to get into any fights or start any trouble, we asked the police to have them move along so we could go on with the rest of our day. The police did talk to them (the pot heads), we thank the police and we marched on.

Next we begin to march down a trail along side a water bank, you could see the back of the buildings but nothing out of the ordinary, it is all clear.

We had reach the end of the patrol, we thank the citizens for there support, we made sure everyone was accounted for, and we took a group photo and then we all loaded back into the vans.

The city and the citizens must stay in touch with the angels to let us know how things are getting or going, we must have communication with each other. Hopefully there will be more trips to Santa Cruz, but we have to be invited! As we travel back to our city's we think we did a good job, but it took alot of work and alot of planning, we have to thank all the chapters that made this happen.
The Stockton Guardian Angels
The San Francisco Guardian Angels
The San Jose Guardian Angels
The Santa Clara Guardian Angels
As for Chapter Leaders Sarge and REN, (GREAT JOB)!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tenderloin Night Patrol 6/19/10

Saturday June 19th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be doing a night patrol in the Tenderloin Dist. tonight. We will have a guess chapter join us on this patrol, the Santa Clara Chapter with there chapter leader REN. This is a night patrol, it is more dangerous, so we do have to be more focus and more alert for this patrol. All angels, both chapter's arrive at the HQ on time, now we are ready to change into uniforms and get into our prebrief for this patrol. The teams are set, Scorpion and REN will lead team one, Zorro and Rambo will lead team two. We will have two observers for this patrol, J.D. for team one and Greencard for team two, there are 18 members tonight so we have to make sure this is done by the book. Prebrief is done, the radios are past out, the first aid angels have there packs, we call the police dept. to make sure we have the all clear.

Now the teams are ready to hit the streets, we march to the TL it is not far from our HQ, the first street we observe is Turk St. We post up on a few corners to where we run off the drug dealers, we stop at the 201 Turk building to talk to the desk clerk there, it is all clear.

We march on to one of our parks that we check on, as we check the park a homeless male needs some assistants with a cut on his hand, first aid angel fixed him up, it is all clear.

We then marched to Van Ness, as we got there, their where police everywhere, the police had gang members handcuffed, the (Fillmore Kids), they where going to jail and we did not ask why, so we marched on.

We then marched to one of our HOT SPOTS a parking garage, it was not to bad but we did pick up a few needles, the rest of the area is all clear. We next begin to check out the alley's, the first one we checked we take a crack pipe off a male, we advise him to get into treatment and never to return to this alley ever again, the rest is all clear. The next alley we checked there was broken beer bottles and a few needles, it is all clear now. Our next stop is Cobra's Corner, this is another HOT SPOT, we get there, we post up, all the bad guys are yelling at us, cussing at us, but we stayed focus and we stayed posted up, it calms down, it is now all clear.

We then march to the 631 Hamilton building to talk to the security there, it is all clear. We are now on O'Farrell St. we post up on a few corners, we check on a few alleys, everything is all clear. Our next stop is another park, we get there, we check it out, we talk to the family's and the kids in the park, only one bad thing we find a box knife on the ground, so we confiscate it. As we where beginning to leave the park we ran into an old school member, he was excited to see that the Guardian Angels are still around, he was thankful to see us out in this neighborhood, the park is all clear.

We then march on through more alleys, through more streets, as we where about to call it a night we come up on a female smoking crack in a doorway, we stopped her and took her pipe and took her drugs, we advised her to get into a treatment center, she said that they don't work. But we smashed the crack on the sidewalk, and we smashed the crack pipe on the sidewalk as well, showing her that this is a bad drug and advised her never to return here again. We are calling it a night, we march to the HQ, one team ahead of the other, still staying focus on all our moves and watching each others back.

We get to the HQ, we get back safe, we do debrief, REN does get his WINGS for taking a crack pipe off the streets. This is one of those nights that things happened, but we where ready because we stayed focused.

You always got to stay focus, focus was the key for tonight.
Thank You Santa Clara Chapter, and for you REN for doing a great job for leading the team on this night!

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Community Event 6/12/10

Saturday June 12th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be doing a community event today. The team will be lead by Spider the chapter leader for Contra Costa. Spider has been a member with this other organization for awhile, this organization is the sponsor of this event. This event is for the children of this neighborhood and their community, so we do want to make it safe as possible. As Guardian Angels we are ready, we are prepared, and we do know what to expect. We all arrive at the HQ on time, we all change into uniforms, and we are all now ready for prebrief.

We will be using all radios for communication, and we do have two first aid techs with two first aid back packs. Next we march to the bus stop, we catch bus #14, we get to our stop on Mission Street, we march to the event.

The event is already starting and everyone is ready, the food is ready, the music is ready, even the weather is ready. As we are all at our posts, we need to watch out for the cars coming in and out of the event, we try to recruit new members at our both, and we watch the area to the best of our ability. We did get a chance to talk to the San Francisco Fire Dept. and take a few photo's with there fire truck, these guys are great.

For this event it was all great, you could see the children having a great time, you could see everyone enjoying there self's. But it never turns out the way you want it to, we see bad guys, so we thought. One of our angels that is posted up at the entrance was observing these guys, he said that they where smoking a blunt. So we went over to check it out, we did asked them what they where smoking, they showed us a cherry cigar, we advised them that we have to check out these things, they understood and then we left.

Well it is still turning out to be a great day, with plenty of bottled water, and the rotation of our post, this event was a lot of fun. As for Spider he was noticing that this event is coming to end, and advises everyone to get ready to leave. Spider then walks over to the organizer to let her know that we where leaving. The organizer then comes over to us and shakes all our hands, she thanks us and she said she would like to have us back again, we said this was a HONOR and thank her as well.

Spider then marches the team back to the bus stop, we catch bus #14, we get to our stop on Mission Street and 6th, we march to our HQ.

For our HQ, it is our office, it is our place to come together and organize, organize events, and organize patrols, we are very grateful to have a HQ like this. At HQ we do debrief, we change back into our street cloths and we did come back SAFE.
Thank You Spider for leading this event!
For this Event, we where security, we where first aid, we where parking attendants, but most of all we where Guardian Angels.
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Church Event 6/5/10

Saturday June 5th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be doing an EVENT in the Tenderloin and there will be four angels sent over to Solano Chapter for their EVENT. As we all had been up-dated on this day, we are prepared, we have the angels, and we have a beautiful day today. Everyone has arrived at the HQ on time and ready to begin our plan for the day. First we send Cobra's team to Solano, second we all change into uniform, and third we go into our prebrief. This Event was proposed to one of our angels called Dragon, so Dragon will be leading the team today for this EVENT, we will be using all radio's for communication, and we have one first aid tech on this team.

Next we march to the Tenderloin to this EVENT for the Church on Golden Gate Street, this church does have history, and this church is well loved by the community.

This street is closed off to the public for this EVENT, and there will be no vehicles allowed at all.

Our objective is to make it safe for this Event, post up on each end of the street, and observe who comes in, NO Drinking, NO Drugs, NO Bad Guys.

We as Guardian Angels did get a table set up at this EVENT, to pass out information, to talk to the community, and to get new members, but was asked not to have a donation container, we do follow the rules.

As the day was going into the afternoon, we as angels had seen a male fall flat into the pavement on a sidewalk and hit his head. We immediately went over to him with our first aid tech, the first aid tech looked him over, this guy was knocked out cold with no response what so ever.

The first aid tech advised to make the call, call 911, and we did. The EMT"S arrived and the SF Fire Department arrived, they looked him over, got him awake, put him on a gurney, and they left. Who knows maybe we saved this guys life, maybe we didn't, but this is what we do and we do it to the best of our ability.

Next we move on with our day, and the day was turning out to be a great day, and yes it was alttle slow but it was safe. We did meet alot of people in this community, we did meet the security for the Saint Anthony, and we did meet the Preist for the church.

Now we are ready to call it a day and leave the area and march back to the HQ. Everyone did thank us for our help, and everyone was pleased to see the angels here at this EVENT, this made us feel good as we left.

Back at the HQ, we go right into debrief, everyone felt they did a good job, hardly any mistakes, and now adding to how many EVENTS we had done already, everyone is ready to get back into patrolling. As for the team that went to the Solano Chapter EVENT, they where still out at the EVENT, but they are in good hands with the leaders from that County.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Carnaval: Day Two May 30, 2010

On this day of El Carnaval, 16 Guardian Angels arrived to finish the last day of this two day event. We all arrived at the headquarters at 8 o'clock in the morning and at the prebrief we chose 4 members to be posted at the booth, while the rest of the team patrols the parade, which was led by one of the teenagers called "Matador".

We then arrived in the Mission District and to our amaze, there were thousands and thousands of people, very excited to see the parade. This only happens once a year.

We as San Francisco Guardian Angels are always willing and glad to secure these events by patrolling around for safety and for any help that we could provide for this community.

By 1:30 pm the parade had ended. Now it is time to head back to the street festival on Harrison Street. This was where our booth was stationed. To our amaze there were thousands and thousands of people already here as well, so we began to patrol the area, watching out for bad guys.

For our angels that were at the booth, there job was to pass out flyers, educate people, and also recruit new members. There are many ways for us to do recruiting, but this was one of the best ways because we are able to talk to people face to face.

By patrolling this festival, the festival it seemed to be safe and secured. There were many people having a good time and also eating and enjoying good food. There was also live music and a park for kids to have fun. As we did our patrol, everything seemed to be fine until we had reached an entrance. As we were posted up at this entrance we overheard a female and her friends discussing of a fight with another female. As we were posted up by these females, they decided to go on their ways and everything ended up for the best. We then went back to patrolling. We reached the other side of the festival. This was the main enterance. As we were posted up a female came up to us with a cut hand. We did have a first aid angel for this patrol, so he took care of her. Before the lady had left she thanked us for our help. This is another part about being a Guardian Angel, helping people in any way we can.

As El Carnaval was coming to an end. Everything seemed to be as expected. The neighborhood had a good time, as well has the city. Everyone had fun and everyone was safe. Again, for the El Carnaval we are grateful for all the angels that have stepped up to the plate because we could not have done as good of a job that we did without their dedication. So now it was time to leave the festival to head back to HQ for debrief. We were all thankful for this wonderful and beautiful safe day.

On the way back to HQ on the Muni #14 there was a situation about to occur but we had managed to deescalate the situation and everything calmed down and reason being this is what happens on a crowded bus.

Now we are back at the HQ. We do debrief and discuss how the day went and we all looked up to each other for everyone doing a great job. We highly give special thanks to Spider, the chapter leader of Contra Costa and Houndog of the LA Chapter.

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