Friday, August 27, 2010

Sacramento Campaign 8/21&22/10

Saturday August 21st & Sunday August 22nd 2010, will be a busy weekend for the San Francisco Guardian Angels. There is a Campaign that is going on in the city of Sacramento Calif. our state capital. The Sacramento Guardian Angels Chapter will be incharge of this Campaign and they are requesting help from any chapter that can give them a hand. The Reno Chapter will be there Friday, the San Jose/Santa Clara Chapter will be there Saturday, the San Francisco Chapter will be there Saturday and Sunday for this Campaign. We the San Francisco Chapter will also be assisting the Salano Chapter for there Puerto Rican Festival on Saturday. As for the Salano Chapter Event the reports where all good for the San Francisco Guardian Angels that went to Salano, the Solano Chapter always puts there heart and soul into there events.

For the Campaign all the other San Francisco Guardian Angels will have to travel to Sacramento, our transportation is the Greyhound Bus. Next we march to the Greyhound Station, we wait in line for the bus, we get on the bus, the bus ride there is three hours so we rest on the bus to be ready for this Campaign.

The Greyhound Bus arrives at Downtown Sacramento, the bus pulls into the station, we all get off the bus, and we will be meeting up with the San Jose/Santa Clara Chapter in the area. We all meet up and began to march, we march to the State Capital Building to take photo's and to wait for pick up from the Sacramento Chapter.

It all comes together, the pick up works out, the meals work out, and now the patrols come to play. The first patrol is a look out patrol, all the angels are on the look out for a woman beater, this woman was pregnant, she had been attact from behind by this man. We hand out fliers, we put fliers on telephone poles, we march down streets, we got alot of support from this city, and even the woman herself came out to thank us for CARING, this was a great feeling. The second patrol is at the Days Inn Hotel, it is a take back patrol, to take back the hotel from the Pimps and the Prostitutes. Yes this was out of hand, the hotel was in need, they needed the angels to be there over night until the next day.

(Sir Kent) Senior Leader, (Fire Tech) Chapter Leader, and there chapter knew the area, and they knew what to look for, they then put us into teams and showed everyone what needed to be done. You had to see this for yourself, the Pimps where pissed off because none of the cars where stopping for there girls when they saw the Guardian Angels. There where Prostitutes running this way and there where Prostitutes running that way, like a cat and mouse operation, but it was working because it was slowing down.

There was this one moment about to be a fight between two Pimps and the angels because they where loosing business, but they back down and went there on way. As the night was getting late, we all had to get back to our meeting place, but we knew this was going to go on all night. The San Jose/Santa Clara Chapter had to leave back home, it was going to be a long drive for them. The Sacramento Chapter was calling it a night, they needed to get home to be ready to pick up San Francisco Chapter in the morning. As the night was calm, the security (Anthony) made his rounds, he advised the angels that this is one of the quietest nights he has seen in a long time, but if there is a problem he will come to our room and get us, so be ready. As we waited and feel asleep with our uniforms on, there was no knock on the door, so when we woke up we went to the front desk to check in, they even said it was a quiet night and that nothing happened.

Well at least we ready, but now we have to get ready for pick up to the Greyhound Station. Sir Kent arrived at the hotel for pick up with there vehicles to take the San Francisco Chapter to the Greyhound Station. We get to the Station, we thank Sir Kent and his Chapter for inviting us to this Campaign, we wait in line for the bus, we get on the bus, the bus ride is three hours, but that's OK we are tired and we are ready to get back home.

The San Francisco Guardian Angels arrive at Downtown San Francisco, the bus pulls into the station, we get off the bus, we march to the HQ.
As we are home and we are in our HQ, we still do debrief, it has to be done because it lets everyone know what they learned, if you did not learn anything then maybe you shouldn't be in the Guardian Angels.

What do you do when another Chapter needs your help, you help!
Thank You Sacramento Chapter For Inviting Us To Your Campaign!

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Closed Door Meeting 8/14/10

Saturday August 14th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be having a closed door meeting for all our member's today. It has been a very exciting week with the 2010 World Conference, and all the Guardian Angels that came to San Francisco from around the world. So now it is time to regroup, reorganize, and get back on track because as the San Francisco Chapter we stay busy, really busy.

We already have plans that we are working on that needs to come to the table, we have new members that needs to get out on patrols, we have neighborhoods that has been calling us for patrols. As we said at the beginning of the year this will be a year to remember, we will be doing more patrols, more events, and requiting more members. We will also be having other chapters joining us in our major events and our major patrols here in San Francisco. As we in turn will be traving over to there chapters to give them a hand, it works out both ways. As Guardian Angels you have to be respectful, to get respect you have to give respect, it don't come easy either, sometimes you have to earn respect. Respect is a big word and it has meaning, because Guardian Angels are Roll Models, because Guardian Angels are Law Biding Citizens, and because Guardian Angels are Honest. This is why Respect is one of our keys in the San Francisco Chapter to be a strong chapter in California. As our meeting went on there where promotions, there where I Supports that went to Safety, and there where alot of things took care of at this meeting. So all in all the meeting went well, and we all definitely needed to be at this meeting as the San Francisco Chapter to see how things are going for today and for tomorrow and in our future.
Thanks to all the San Francisco Guardian Angels for showing up at this meeting!
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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Int'l Convention: Day Three & Four 8/7&8/10

Saturday August 7th 2010, The 2010 World Conference is kicking off to a great start by giving out the AWARDS on this day. As we all know, it takes alot of work to get AWARDS, and they don't come easy, but well deserved. It takes alot of heart and soul to do what we do as Guardian Angels, we don't get paid for what we do, we don't get gifts for what we do, and we don't get recognized at time's for what we do.

But that's the way it is because we Dare To Care, we are men and women who choose to go this path for the Safety of this world. Now back to the AWARDS, they mean alot, they also will be handed out by Curtis, he will call up the angel or the chapter to come up and received there AWARD, and this is basically how this is done.

Next comes our guest speakers, FLASH, and ROCKY, these guys really do rock. There leadership very much shows, and come's out when they spoke, they are an inspiration and they inspired us all by there OLD SCHOOL WAYS. There where other speakers that spoke and we do not want to leave them out , we are thankful for the wisdom and there guidance, sorry for leaving out there names but they will not be forgotten.

As we move on into our schedule, there will be three things going on at once, patrol in the Tenderloin Dist., patrol in the city of Oakland, and a First Aid Class, as it all comes together everyone does have a choice. Next all angels head out to there patrols and to there training, we just have to wait and see how this all turns out. The patrol in the Tenderloin Dist. has trouble, there is a fight that they break up, blood is all over the sidewalk, the police are there, the ambulance are there, the situation calms down as the bad guys go to jail and one guy goes to the hospital, there is more but we have to keep it short. As for the patrol in the City Oakland in went well with Ajax leading the way, I did not receive any bad reports about the patrol, great job Ajax.

For the First Aid Training, all angels do need this training, you never know when you will have to use it, this went well. Now we call it night, but we call it a SAFE night, all angels did have a great day and did have a great night, what more can you ask for.

Sunday August 8th 2010, Last day for The 2010 World Conference. We start out with Chapter meetings with Curtis Sliwa, to talk about, where are we at, where are we going, and what we need to be doing. It is very important for us to be discussing these things, to see what our future holds and to see how our chapters are building.

Next we have two things on our schedule today, we have a patrol to Per 39 and a self-defence class, while there are still meetings going on at the hotel. The patrol to Per 39 went well, it was more as a better view of our city patrol, at least the angels got to see apart San Francisco that is the good side of our city before they left back to there city's and there country's. The meeting spot for all angels is the hotel, all angels must be at the hotel to leave back to there destination's, all angels must be on time for there flight's. As we are prepared if someone does mess there ride or there flight, we do have a back up plan, this is took care of by Confront, our California Director he will be incharge of this. Well it has been great or it has been good, either way we think we will be remembered.
Thanks To All The Guardian Angels That Showed Up For This 2010 World Conference!

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International GA Convention: Day Two 8/6/10

Friday August 6th 2010, this is the second day of the 2010 World Conference and it was even more exciting. There where more Angels that had arrived, there where more patrols, and there where alot of meetings on this day.

We begin with Curtis Sliwa giving his speech and when Curtis gives his speech he tells it like it is. Remember he is the founder of The Guardian Angels, he started the group in 1979, the place was N.Y. the Bronx, and this idea came to him as a night manager in McDonald's Rest.

So here we are today a World Wide organization that fights crime in the streets around the world. The Guardian Angels is a National and International organization, we are getting stronger and we are getting better through the leaders that we have in our organization. Next is our guest speaker Eddie Ramirez, great guy as a Oakland Police Officer and this guy used to be a Chapter Leader for San Francisco, he is a roll model.

As the day moves forward, we patrol the Tenderloin Dist. it is what it is, we check out our hot spots, we check out Cobra's Corner, all is calm. This is a day patrol and we do stick out like a sore thumb, the schedule for this patrol is ending so we march back to the hotel for updates.

Here we go, the plan for tonight is two patrols, there will be one patrol in the Mission Dist. with half of the Angels, there will be another patrol in the city Oakland with the other half of the Angels. As it goes on through the night, things turn out for the good, there is no bad reports coming in, so it looks good for both patrols.

Both patrols come back to the hotel with a Safe feeling, and a feeling of a long day, now it is time for sleep and rest to be ready for tomorrows big events. One other part that needs to be said, every Angel that is here for this 2010 World Conference got to see the San Francisco Headquarters, this is not bragging, this is not showing off, and that this is not just a Headquarters, this is a Headquarters for all Guardian Angels. This HQ does not belong to me, this HQ does not belong to you, this HQ belongs to the Guardian Angels Organization and it belongs to Curtis Sliwa the founder of the Guardian Angels. Thank You All Angels For Making It Safe!


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International GA Convention: Day One 8/5/10

Thursday August 5th 2010; This is the day the 2010 World Conference begins, and there will be Guardian Angels from around the world here in San Francisco for this Conference. All of the chapters from California have put this together to make it the best one ever. All of the Angels had lodging at the Holiday Inn, the location was great it was close to everything, most of all the patrols.

For this first day of the Conference, it is meet and greet for the Angels who where arriving from other country's and city's. There are patrols planned for today and tonight so we do have a big day ahead of us. The first patrol begins in the Tenderloin Dist. it is a day patrol, the teams are ready to hit the streets. On this patrol it is our same tour in this neighborhood, because we know the hot spots in this area, but today it is calm.

One thing did stand out, we the Angels was marching up this one street, we stoped at this bus stop and observe three men smoking crack cocaine, we thought they had just finished it. So we the Angels asked to see there hands, the first guy opens his hands (nothing), the second guy opens his hands (nothing), but when the third guy opened his hands, there it was that one rock he put it to his mouth an swallowed it. We the Angels could not do anything about this, so we explained to the guy to take off and never come back here again, he left.

Day patrol was done the Angels did there job, and the Angels came back to the hotel SAFE, this was a good patrol. As Angels are still arriving from there country's and city's to the hotel, we get ready for our second patrol, it is in the Mission Dist. The teams are ready to hit the streets, for this patrol it is our same tour for this neighborhood as well, we know the hot spots in this area, but it is not the same because it is a night patrol.

There is alot going on tonight, we pick-up dirty needles, we took crack pipes from crack heads, and we pour out alot of alcohol from drinking in public. We made it a little safer tonight for people to come out an enjoy the evening. This is a great start for the 2010 World Conference, there will be more to come, more patrols, more training, and guest speakers that everyone is waiting to see and hear. So lets make this a SAFE and a LEARNING experience for all Angels that is here for this 2010 World Conference.


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Thursday, August 5, 2010

HQ Maintenance 7/31/10

Saturday July 31st 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be cleaning the Headquarters today. It is our job to keep our HQ in tip top shape, if the HQ is clean and in order, it helps us to be more organized.

As for today we will not need to be in colors, but it would help to get more angels to show up for the cleaning. Our thinking is most angels just like to patrol only, and patrols are important, but we get the cleaning done and we are prepared for our guest angels.

Now the HQ is ready and we as angels are ready, now lets get this 2010 World Conference started. So there is not much for this weeks BLOG, but we will tell you to look for us out on the streets of San Francisco and the streets of Oakland, because Angels are going to be everywhere this weekend.

The 2010 Guardian Angels World Conference is this weekend, be prepared, be ready, and be safe!
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