Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oakland Kid's Day Event 10/17/10

Sunday October 17th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels, Contra Costa Guardian Angels, and the LA Guardian Angels with Ajax our Northern Reg. Director have a event on this day. It is in Rockridge, and it is a Kids Day Event, so we as Guardian Angels will provide the best service for this event to be a Safe event. The day starts out for everyone to meet at the SFHQ on time, get into uniform, get into prebrief, and to get on our way there as soon as possible. We have first aid techs, we will use all radios for communication, now we are ready to march to the Bart Station. We get to the Bart Station, we ride the Bart, we get to our stop, the stop is the Rockridge Station.

Next we have to get transported by vehicles to this event, we get to this event, to where we all meet up with Ajax, and she makes the teams. We have Angels posted at entrances, we have Angels walking through the event, so we could tell how this event will turn out, as we all wanted it all to turn out safe.

There is food stands, there is music, there is face painting, there is retail vendors, and there is alot of kids. But as we could tell it was not as good as a turn out as it could have been, due to the the rain, but it did not rain all day.

As the day went on there seem to be only one incident, there where these two young females that stoled two rings from a vendor, but the mother stood in and said that she would pay for them, but the girls still denied that they had take them. But the vendor was OK with this and had ask the girls to never come back to her stand, problem solved. As this day comes to a close, we observe the fun that the kids had, and the smell from the food stands closing, this was a good day for us all.

Next all Angels march up to our meeting point, as we marched we could see from the top of the hill how big this area really was. When we had got to our meeting point we all made a circle and did a quick debrief. This is what we do, and this is how it is done, team work, team work from other chapter, coming together to do an event.

What a great organization that can do this, with great Angels that care with all there hearts. Next we get into vehicles, we get to the Rockridge Station, we get on Bart, then we get to our Station, Powell Station. We march to our HQ, we do our debrief, we change back into our street clothes, and then we all go back to our homes.
Thanks To All The Chapters!
Thanks To Ajax NRD!
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mission Night Patrol 10/16/10

Saturday October 16th 2010, will be a night patrol in the Mission Dist. This is a patrol with angels from other chapters, along with the San Francisco Guardian Angels. We all meet at the HQ for this patrol, this will not be a major patrol, this will be a patrol we had got a call on about some drug dealing at the 16th street Bart Station. Our major event will be the following day in Oakland, and that event has already been planed out. As we prepare for this night patrol, we did our prebrief, all angels are in uniform, all angels are ready to hit the streets. There will be one team tonight for this patrol, J.D. will lead the team, we will use all radios for communication.

Next we march to the bus stop, we get on bus #14, we get to our stop 16th street Bart Station. As we post up at the station, it is calm now and there is not much activity, not much that we could do here at this moment. But we know that there are other hot spots that we can check out, then we can come back to see if these drug dealers are at this station.

We then march to the alleys, Hunter's Alley, Lover's Lane Alley and Travis Alley, we did pick up dirty needles, these alleys are clean. We then march back to the 16th street Bart Station, and there they are, about 10 gang bangers, dealing there Crack Cocaine. We did see one drug deal, but it was to fast.

Next we post up right next to them, then someone else comes up to buy drugs, we saw this and we jump right on it, we ask them if they wanted to go to jail, we asked them to leave, we asked them to back off.

They wanted to fight, they took off there jackets, they called us every name in the book, they said they wasn't going to leave. We did have to use alittle force to back them away, but we where not going to back down. They did leave, and it did calm down, for a short moment, they then came back with more guys, but there was No more drug deals that we could see. We stayed post up as long as it takes, until they findly gave up an left, this corner is now at peace. We then called it a night, we got back on the bus #14, we got to the HQ, we did debrief.
Thank You LA Chapter's for your HELP!
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Friday, October 29, 2010

Fleet Week Patrol 10/9/2010

Saturday October 9th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels and the Contra Casta Guardian Angels will be doing Fleet Week patrols today. We do this every year to make sure it is a SAFE event, for this is Fleet Week where thousands of people will be attending. There is Navel Ships in the Bay, there is the Blue Angels air show, and there is food and drinks along with souvenirs stands at this event. Back at the HQ we all prepare and get ready for one of our biggest events of the year, we change into our uniforms, we prebrief, we pick our teams. J.D. (SF Chapter Leader) will lead team one, and Spider (CC Chapter Leader) will lead team two, we have first aid techs, we will be using all radios for communication.

Now we march, we march all the way to the piers, we get to Pier 39, we begin our patrol for safety. Everything looks fine, and everyone is having fun, but we stay focus on this patrol. We march all the way to the end of the air show, some people drinking but responsibility, no drugs though, some people riding there bikes through crowds, not safe, so we ask them to walk them.

Next we break, for bathroom, for smoking, for water, and for a moment to rest because this is alot walking. Now we are ready to get back on patrols, both teams, one behind the other, but with distance apart, we then march to the Submarine that the have at one of the piers to check this area. This was a good idea, because if you where in uniform you could go inside the SUB for free, so we did, this was cool and fun because some of us had never been inside a Submarine before.

But we do get back to patrolling, until the event ends, there was nothing else that stood out or that was out of the ordinary. So J.D. calls it a day or night because it was getting late, we then begin to march back to the HQ.

As we got to the Farrie Building, there was skate boarding, there is a sign No Skate Boarding in this area, so we made them stop with alot of yelling from the skate boarders, it is the LAW and the knew this, but they stoped and we marched on. We findly made it to 5th street from our march, and just around the corner is our HQ, we all knew we made it back safe and a little tired.

Back at HQ we search our members, we do our debrief, we change back into our street clothes. We do love doing this event, it gets our organization out there, we did take alot of photo's with tourist for them to take back to there country, and people get to see what other things Guardian Angels do.

Thank You Contra Costa Chapter For Your Help!
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tenderloin Night Patrol 10/2/10

Saturday October 2nd 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will being doing a night patrol in the Tenderloin Dist. tonight. We have been getting all kinds of calls from this area, it is a dangerous neighborhood and it is a dangerous patrol. But we are Guardian Angels and this is what we do, we put our life on the line to make it safe. All angels arrive at the HQ, we change into uniforms, we get into our prebrief, and this is how we begin our patrol. There will be two teams tonight, Scorpion (Second In Command) will lead team one, Nemo (Sergeant) will lead team two, J.D. (Chapter Leader) and Greencard (Senior Leader) will be observers.

We have two first aid techs, one for each team, and we will be using all radio's for communication. We call the Police Dept.. to check in, it is a GO, we search all angels for weapons, this is a GO, now we are ready to hit the streets. We know this area very well, and we know what to look for, we know our HOT SPOTS, and we know what corners to post up at. For this patrol we march down alleys, and we march down the streets that has the most bad guys.

We check on the parks in this area, and we even ask store owner's is everything OK. But this patrol is in the Tenderloin Dist. and it always turns up something, we took crack Pipes form crack heads, we took bottles of alcohol off of drunks drinking in public, we picked up dirty needles with blood and drugs still left in them. But this is how it is, and it does not seem to be getting any better. But on this night we make it calmer and we make it safer as we patrol the streets of the Tenderloin Dist.

As we march on we found a drivers licence on the side walk, it is an ID that someone would take advantage of if they found it. We did know what to do, we put it in a mail box, this is our procedure.

We march on and we march on, we posted up and we posted up, as it has gotten to a point to where these street people wanted to call the police on us. This happens and we know it, because they cant make no money, they cant pimp out, they cant rob anybody, they cant take over corners. This is the Tenderloin Dist. we try to come to this area as much as we can, and we will work with the Police Dept. as much as we can, to make it a better place to live.

Scorpion calls it a night, we march back to the HQ, we get to the HQ, we search all angels again, we get into our debrief, and we change back into our street clothes. This was a patrol with mistakes, but we learn from mistakes, we don't like to make them but they happen. This was a very good patrol, because we came back home SAFE.

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Volunteering With St. Anthony Foundation 9/26/10

Sunday September 26th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be working with the Saint Anthony Foundation today. This was an idea from one of our angels, and he also works for the Saint Anthony Foundation. The Saint Anthony Foundation helps out so many people in San Francisco, and they have helped this city in so many ways. To do our service for this Foundation we had to be put on a schedule, and when our day came up we would show up and do the job. We as angels are ready, we all arrived at the HQ, we will not wear full uniform today, we will wear our Colors and our Barets today only for this service.

We then march over to the Foundation, at the Foundation we get our orientation, we get job assignments, and we will switch jobs as needed. For this service, we will be serving food to the homeless, the poor, the veterans, the elderly, the addicts, and for thousands of people that come there to the Foundation to eat.

Our jobs are, to fold napkins, to bring food trays to people at the tables who are handicap, to pick up trays that are finished at the tables, to clean the tables that are dirty, and any other things that is needed.

As for the people that we mighte run into, we where thinking about this as well. We did not know if we would see the ones that would say, you are the angels that took my drugs, you are the angels that took my crack pipe, you are the angels that put me in jail. But if that had happened, we would know what to do and we would not push it any further.

This is a place to come to eat and it is provided by this Foundation, as Guardian Angels we did do our best to do this job. Normally we do patrols, we do events, we do festivals and we do training. But for this service it felt good, it was different, it was exciting, and it was something we had never done before in our chapter as Guardian Angels.

As this day ended, the Foundation Thanked Us, we said our goodbyes, and we marched back to the HQ. We got back to the HQ, we did a debrief, there was alot of things was said from there hearts, on how we had been there to eat at times of our lives. Thank You Angels For Doing This Service!
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