Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mission District, 2/7/09

We have a new 2nd in Command: Scorpion. He has been a Guardian Angel now for two years. He led the patrol with 11 Guardian Angels today in the Mission and we used radios today also. We started out posted up at the bus stop waiting for the bus to arrive. When it came, we asked the bus driver if we could ride with him and he let us ride without charge. This is the support we receive from MUNI drivers.

We got to 16th and Mission, posted up as Scorpion led the patrol. We headed to Hunter's alley where we collected at least 20 needles. This is the kind of spot for this and we just kept cleaning it up. We went to Kid Power Park and it was all clear, so we went to Alioto Park and it was all clear also. Got to 24th and Mission, posted up and it was not too bad for a drug corner, it was all clear.

Went around to Travis alley, it too was all clear. Another alley that we hit is Lover's Lane, this was a bad alley and we must have picked up 10-15 needles and a crack pipe. As we started to head back down to 16th St., Scorpion posted up the patrol. We heard yelling and screaming coming from a restaurant, there were two women and a man yelling. The man is the one that started it and kept it up. We had to ask the man to leave the area and he did with no problem.

Got to 16th St. with no other incidents and caught the #14 bus to come back to HQ (headquarters). We had a good day, everyone came back safe, we did our debrief and gave our new 2nd Command high marks for his patrol.

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