Monday, August 29, 2011

8-25-2011 Silence The Violence

Today we went and join the United Playaz in the stop the violence march.We meet at HQ at 3pm to go down to the park and meet up with the Playaz at the park.
We posted up on the walk down to the park.And we still was on patrol as we walk to the park.stay in two lines and did the job the we had to do on the way down there.
Post up at park waiting for the march to start.
We as a group we watch the people in the park talk about what it mean to them to be there in the match.
Our Charpter Leader went up there and talkl to the poeple there too.
Alot of people was there for the march.
The SF GA would like to thank the Unitied Playaz for asking us to join them on the march.

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8-13-2011 market street

Tonight was a small patrol but we are San Fransico GA so we went out. We meet up at HQ AT 4PM and we went out on mission to 7th street and had a new Angel with us.
We did found this on this patrol and got it off the streets.
We ran into two women that was showing off there body parts so JD stop the group and we went over there to check it out and see if there was anything we can do.But not to long Sparky got assulted but some keys and we had to call the police at this point.
This is what hit Sparky.
At this point we just waited for the police to let us know
when we can leave.
But we stayed posted up and never back down.

WE left the seen and move on to do our patrol and get more things done on this patrol we walk around and headed back to HQ around 7pm
But it was a good patrol cause we all came back safe and Sparky was ok.thanks for all that was there.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

8-12-2011 powell street patrol

Tonight we meet up at 7:30pm for tonight patrol.We had prebeif and talk about last week patrol on Market street and powell street and what has been going on over there in that part of the city and what we can do to help.
Tonight we broke in to two teams so we can cover more ground.There was not a whole lot going on tonight.We had some skate boarder out but talk to them and they move on.There was no real problems so we headed back to HQ at 10 pm did debief and everyone when home safe.

sorry for no pic on this blog.thanks SF GA
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

8-6-2011 mission patrol

We meet at 4pm did the prebeif then got to hit the streets with JD leading.Here is the team for tonight.
We walk down to wait for the 14 bus line so we can start our night off and see what we can fine.

In an alley some meds was found.Here is what it is above.
We went and check kids power park there was nothing but some kids playing in there but we all know that you never know when or where it is going to a hot.
Posted on mission watching the people.
We went to 23rd and Valencia street to the Tattoo guy for the SF GA at his shop Quetzalcoatl Thanks for taking time out of your day just to let us get a pic with you.
We got back to HQ around 10 pm had Drebief
and everyone headed home for the night.would like to thank all for coming and helping with this patrol.
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Sunday, August 7, 2011

8-5-2011 Market and powell patrol

Tonight we patrol Union square to Market Street up to powell Street to check what is going on in the Street and see what good we can do tonight.Tonight our Charpter Leader Lion will be leading the patrol.We meet at HQ at 7:15 pm tonight we had prebrief and we talk about tonight being recuiting night.
This is how we get the word out here we go on the Street and talk to the people of the city and see if we can get people to dare to care.
We post up along the way and talk to some people.We have some people that just walk right up to us and just want to tell us thank you.We the SF Angels like to have people tell us thanks you so we know that we have help so many and more out there that we can help.
We went down to Bart and posted up there for a bit letting that people know that we are there and you never know where we will be next.
We did have some people telling us that there was a problem at the ATM on Market Street so the group was taking over .Once we got there our Chrapter Leader got on his phone with the Police letting them know what was going on we had a black male watching people at the ATM taking out money the male had a knife.So the Angels post up and watch the people and the males it came down to 3 male all black.The Police was looking for him when we call it a night and headed back to HQ. Read the rest


On July 24 2011 We the san fransico guardian angels was ask to attend the annual neighborhood barbeque so as a group we went down there to be with the people and show that we are not mean people.We the SF GA would like to give a big thank you to Dave and Ginny also Ron and Kristen for having us thanks so much we all had a great time. So one big thanks you to all that was there for this and got to meet some of the SF GA team.

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