Saturday, November 26, 2011


We meet at HQ at at 4pm to start the day.We had the prebief and some coffee.
Post up at 5th and mission to walk up to powell street wait for the leader to move us.

Here is JD posted up.we got rain out so we went back to HQ and did some training.

We was rain out but that didnt stop us from doing things and getting the job done.thanks to all that come out to us and from daring to care ! Read the rest

Saturday, November 19, 2011

11-12-2011patrol in TL

Tonight we patrol in the TL we met at HQ at 5pm and had a long prbief about what has been going on in the TL and there is more hot spots in the TL so that is why we are going there tonight.We come up there tonight and seen that we did have our work cut out for us.

We went to starbucks and a man that works around there at a hotel likes what we do and what we stand for and wanted to buy us all coffee. So we had a small break before going in to TL.
We had to post up and here is a pic of tonight leader of patrol cobra
We are in the hot spot and looking We got to HQ at 11 pm and had debief it was a great night and got to let the person of san fransico know that we are out there and we are happy to do.If anyone out there would like to join just let one of the san fransico angels know and there can give you some info. Read the rest

Sunday, November 13, 2011

10-29-2011 mission halloween patrol

We all got to HQ at 6pm had prebeif and talk about all the crazy thing that can happen on Halloween.Tonight we had some old and some new Angels it is a great mix for a great patrol. dont forget to check out utube video i will add link here. youtube video

Our Chapter Leader Lion is talking about what may happen tonight on the street of the mission on this crazy night.

Post up waiting for the 14 bus to hit the mission.
Just got off bus posted up getting ready to go check some hot stop just off the mission.
Found a person drinking at bus stop we step in and ask them to move on.
Post up and on the look out for problems in the mission this is one of our new angels.
Check out more hot was posted up for a little bit here to make sure that nothing was going to happen here.
We went down to 24th and mission and post up here this is a very hot spot and everyone knows about we let the people see that we are here and that we are here for the people of San Francisco .
We ended this patrol and headed back to HQ and talk about what happen and what we can do better.thanks to all the angels that came out for this patrol.

Read the rest

Friday, November 4, 2011

10-22-2011 haight patrol

We met at HQ at 5pm to have prebief and talk about the problems we head about going on in the haight so we went there to check it all out and here is what we seen.

Tonight we was in the haight watch out here we come.

We posted up to check out some people on the other side of the street it was all clear so we move on.

posted up letting people know that we dont move.

posted up at ben and jerry this corner has been known to be a bad one so we wanted to check it out too.

We went on to the park and around everything was all ok nothing really going on end the night and headed about to HQ. Read the rest