Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 9th patrol

We began the day with 9 guardian angels, this day was suppose to be spent on self-defense training, but the instructor did not show up, this happens I guess, its just we try to get as much training as possible when we can. We did have other things to do in case things like this happens, we began our updates about upcoming events and other training classes.

So looks like we are on track and we are on schedule and we are on the same page. Now we get ready for our patrol, we have been getting alot of calls from UNION SQUARE, we thought we would go and check on this just to see how things are really like there, but everything was fine and there was a lot of tourists, so we made a U-TURN and went into the Tenderloin. One patrol one team to go into the Tenderloin, we must focus on a good and productive patrol because I JD will lead this patrol. Got to Turk St. all hell was all over the place some people just don't care about themselves and some people do, you see a lot of it in the TL. But we posted up as we do and things got quiet and cool, next we went to 201 Turk Building where we can take a bathroom break and water break.

Then we headed down the street, talk to a few neighbors that are happy to see us out in the street, we do get people that really like us and then we get people that really hate us. But we keep moving to other streets, post up a few more times, things got better and we began to feel a little bet more relaxed. Time to head back to the HQ to do our debrief, and to be thankful for another safe and productive day as a Guardian Angel.

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