Sunday, June 5, 2011

3-31-2011 mission patrol

Thurday March 31th 2011 We the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be patrolling the Mission Dist. today.We all arrived at HQ.everyone change then we started prebrief then hit the street getting on the 14 bus and heading down to 16th street and getting the night started.

We went to some hot spots and it is never the same on the Mission.It has been a slow night but we still check everything 16th street all the way to 24th street we also check all the kids parks on the way down the street.

This park is a hot spot for the lot of drug dealers on the Mission and it is hard knowing the the kids do come to this park to play.So we come here and check it out.Tonight there is nothing in the park but We know that we can never stop looking here and we will keep checking on all the park

We post up on Mission Street to show that we are here and that we are not leaving.

We posted up on the way down Mission street it was a slow night but we still check all alleys .

Tonight the Angels did get some drugs off the streets it was found on the ground on 24th street.Tonight leader Scorpion told us to gedt read of it so Sparky did want she was told to do.Scorpion told us that it was late so we headed back to HQ so we can do the debrief .it was a good patrol.

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