Sunday, June 5, 2011

4-8-2011 haight ashbury night patrol

April 8 2011 Tonight we patrol haight ashbury on a night patrol this friday patrol is just trying to help on the police in the haight ashury with the problems they have been having and since we the San Francisco Guardian Angel have been working with the police to try to make a people of the haight to feel safer in there part of the city.Tonight we was join on the patrol with Zach Vasquez from the "Creosote journal"We all got to HQ at 7 pm to have out prebief.

We march up 6th street to get on the 71 bus line but we stop long the way and posted up and wait for the leader Lion who was leading the patrol to tell us to move out.

We posted up on Market street waiting for the 71 to pull up.We talked to alot of poeple and alot of poeple that just wanted to tell us thank you.we got to haight and check the park but there was nothing going on in the park so we move on to check all the other parks that we can get in to.

Then Lion had take us to Mcdonlds so we can eat before we march back down haight ashbury but well we was eatting we still was working.Telling the jorual what we do out here. This night it was a great patrol got to talk to alot of the poeple in the haight and hear there side of the story so it was good to hear from the people of the haight so we know what we can do for them.The San Franciso Guardian Angels would like to say Thank you to Zach for coming out.All in all it was a great patrol.

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