Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oakland Kid's Day Event 10/17/10

Sunday October 17th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels, Contra Costa Guardian Angels, and the LA Guardian Angels with Ajax our Northern Reg. Director have a event on this day. It is in Rockridge, and it is a Kids Day Event, so we as Guardian Angels will provide the best service for this event to be a Safe event. The day starts out for everyone to meet at the SFHQ on time, get into uniform, get into prebrief, and to get on our way there as soon as possible. We have first aid techs, we will use all radios for communication, now we are ready to march to the Bart Station. We get to the Bart Station, we ride the Bart, we get to our stop, the stop is the Rockridge Station.

Next we have to get transported by vehicles to this event, we get to this event, to where we all meet up with Ajax, and she makes the teams. We have Angels posted at entrances, we have Angels walking through the event, so we could tell how this event will turn out, as we all wanted it all to turn out safe.

There is food stands, there is music, there is face painting, there is retail vendors, and there is alot of kids. But as we could tell it was not as good as a turn out as it could have been, due to the the rain, but it did not rain all day.

As the day went on there seem to be only one incident, there where these two young females that stoled two rings from a vendor, but the mother stood in and said that she would pay for them, but the girls still denied that they had take them. But the vendor was OK with this and had ask the girls to never come back to her stand, problem solved. As this day comes to a close, we observe the fun that the kids had, and the smell from the food stands closing, this was a good day for us all.

Next all Angels march up to our meeting point, as we marched we could see from the top of the hill how big this area really was. When we had got to our meeting point we all made a circle and did a quick debrief. This is what we do, and this is how it is done, team work, team work from other chapter, coming together to do an event.

What a great organization that can do this, with great Angels that care with all there hearts. Next we get into vehicles, we get to the Rockridge Station, we get on Bart, then we get to our Station, Powell Station. We march to our HQ, we do our debrief, we change back into our street clothes, and then we all go back to our homes.
Thanks To All The Chapters!
Thanks To Ajax NRD!

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