Sunday, June 5, 2011

SF Brazilian Caraval5-28-2011

San Francisco Guardian Angels Patrol today was at SF Brazilian Carnaval may 28 2011.We invited Solano Country and hound dog from the L.A. Chapter to help us out on this one.It is one of the Biggest things we do in the year but we have been doing it for a while now.

This is the San Francisco Guardian Angel table at Carnaval We had Angels at the table at all times talking to all and letting them know what we are all about.

This is the group marching down the main part of the street.

We made one big team to patrol Carnaval the team looked good and poeple was happy to see us there and on patrol and keeping it safe.

It was all about team work on this day.We had SF Lion chatper leader and "O" Omar Chapter leader of Solano Country leading the group thou the poeple and patrol and making safe.

"Nemo" Solano Country

"Mustang" SF

Posted up by main stage just making sure all is safe in this part of carnaval.

We posted up at the kid part of the Carnaval

Carnaval was safe no problems that the team seen.Once again San Francisco would like to give a BIG Thank you to Solano Country and L.A. Hound dog for coming and help us .

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