Sunday, June 5, 2011

Solano Country 25th annual " pista sa nayon" filipino festival

San Francisco Guardian Angels was ask to attend Solano Country 25th Annual Filipino Festival .We went over by ferry and there was 5 SF Angels that went over.

This is LT electra wait for ferry

On ferry Nemo was there to make sure to got to valljo

safe on ferry

It was raining at the Festival but a little rain will not stop the Chapters from doing the job at hand.

Angels check out what the festival

SF Angels working with Solano having A good time in the rain.

Oh yea it is rainning

See we do have fun but just a little then back to work.

Omar looking at rain when we all was trying to dry off.

San Francisco would like to thank Solano Country for Inviting us to Festival we had a good time and we learn how your group work there.IT was a nice Festival but for the rain but we are GA rain or sunhine we go.Thanks again to Omar and team to having us.

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