Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mission patrol 6-10-2011

Tonight we the San Fransico Guardian Angels went out to the Mission Dist.We all met up at the H.Q at around 6:30 pm tonight and we hit the street at 7pm.Tonight we wear black ribons for the two Fire Fighter that gave there life to keep the city safe day and night.

This is some pic of some of the team getting ready to prebief.

More of the team about to rock and shock the Mission with 2 teams.

We posted up in font of the HQ to start the night.

And yes greencard is back it was so nice to have him with us tonight.Welcome back Green card!

This is our chapter leader making the call to the police to let them know where we are going.

This is team one posted up at the bus stop waiting for the bus to show so they can head to 16 street.

This would be team two waiting for bus.

Well Tonight team two didnt get off at 16th we went to 24th and posted up and run in to gang members at 24th.We where there for sometime but then team one came to team two and then everything was Code 4.

At 16 street this was found and the first aid had taking it and talk to the right people that give the things out to the drug user.

But this was a good fine to get off the streets it is way to much for one to it was getting late so the teams call it a night and headed back to HQ for Debief.Everyone came back safe so it was a great night.Thanks to all members

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