Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vallejo Independence Day Parade 7/4/10

Sunday July 4th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be going over to Vallejo (Solano County) to be in the 4th July PARADE. We will be meeting up with the Solano County Guardian Angels Chapter and the Oakland Guardian Angels Chapter, all three chapters will be in this PARADE. The San Francisco Chapter begins the day by everyone showing up at the HQ on time, we cannot be late. Next we change into uniforms, we prebrief, we are now ready to march to the BART Station.

The BART is our transportation, we will be leaving from Powell Station to El Cerito Del Norty Station. All the SFGA are on board the BART, it is a good distance but we have done this before, and we do have the other chapter's waiting to pick us up in there vehicles.

As we arrived at El Cerito Del Norty Station we all get into vehicles to drive down to Vallejo, this is a good distance as well. We are findly here in downtown Vallejo and you can see that this city is ready for a PARADE, the cars, the floats, the vendors, the music, and all the people. This is going to be a big PARADE, there where more people here than we thought, but most of all the angels are very excited to be in it. Ajax, the Chapter Leader for Oakland and Northern Reg, Director organizes the march, and "O" Chapter Leader for Solano County will be driving there Guardian Angel Vehicle in the PARADE.

Next we march we all march, we wave our hands and we wave all our hands. But one thing did stand out, a little boy came over to one of our angels and asked if he could have a hug, so the angel did give the little boy a hug, our guess was that Vallejo knew who the Guardian Angels are, this was a good feeling.

As we had reach the end of the PARADE the music was still alive, we where all having so much fun that we all began to dance, it was the end of the PARADE so it did not matter. Next we gathered all our things, and we began to marched to "O"s restaurant to get something to eat and have a meeting. As we where marching we stoped to meet with some WW2 veterans, these guys are cool and believe me they do have some story's to tell you, we took a photo with them and thank them for there service.

We did get to "O"s restaurant, we ate, we had a meeting, and now it is time for the SFGA to get back to our city. We all got into the vehicles to drive back to El Cerito Del Norty Station, as we got there to BART Station, we thank the chapters for inviting us to this PARADE, and we thank them for a great time we had.

We got on the BART, we got off at the Powell Station, we get back to the HQ, we do debrief, we change back into our street clothes.

Now this is what it is all about, helping out another chapter, they will help us when we need them, we are a brotherhood and we are a family. Now we are ready for the Convention, bring it on and lets get this Convention started.
We love what we do or we would not be doing it. Check out our video's on U-Tube, type in San Francisco Guardian Angels.
Thank You Solano County Chapter!
Thank You Oakland Chapter!

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