Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Saturday July 17th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels and all surrounding chapters will be having the 2010 World Conference meeting today, and a patrol in the Tenderloin Dist. as well. This meeting was not a good turn out as expected, so we did what we could do with the chapters that we had here.

For the patrol, it is set up and it is ready, there will be one team, Scorpion will lead this team with first aid techs and with radio's for communication. Scorpion does take the team out while the leaders stay at HQ to make decisions on the Conference. This is not an easy task, but still it is what it is and we are going to do the best that we can do with what we have. Scorpion's team reports in by radio, everything is all clear, will report in later. We get back to the table to cover all the bases, the rooms, the head count, the patrols, the catering, the rules, and the financing, it must all come together or try to.

Scorpion's team checks in again by radio, everything is all clear, will report in later. We still have to stay at the table to work on another plan on our schedule today, and that is the city of OAKLAND due to the lay-offs of cops. This is going to be a Campaign, a campaign is to reach out to a city that is in need of high importance. So we put together a plan for the Campaign, it is going to take alot of work but we will keep this city safe no matter what. It will also have to come together from all chapters to do there share, with the 2010 World Conference and the Campaign in OAKLAND, these are huge jobs and not one single chapter could do this alone. As we come to the end of our day, we do have a news media here today to cover a story on the Campaign in OAKLAND.

This was cool because it lets people know that we do care, and we will do our best as Guardian Angels to do the job, there is HOPE. The team is back from patrol, (Tenderloin Dist.), the decisions are made for the 2010 World Conference. As for tomorrow, the Campaign in the city of OAKLAND we will be ready for anything, we have trained for days like these.

We would like to thank all the chapters that showed up for this meeting, but then again we know the other chapters will be there if they are needed, and we would also like to thank our director of California Eric (CONFRONT) Wong for being a great leader!The Date Of The World Conference: August 5, 6, 7, 8, 2010


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