Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cook Out in The Haight 7/11/10

Sunday July 11th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be going over to the Haight Ashbury Dist. for a cook out (BBQ) today. We where invited be one of the community leaders in this area, he his also one of our supporters for our chapter here in San Francisco. All the angels will be meeting at the HQ who are interested in going over to the cook out (BBQ). We are all ready and we are all in color's, but this is not a patrol, this is a cook out (BBQ), so we are in a low-key mode. We go to the bus stop, we get on #71 bus, we get to our stop.

We are now in the Haight Ashbury Dist. The house is not far from our stop, about a block away, we get there and right away they are inviting us into there home. There is soda's and water, there is food, and there is a stair well in the back yard that goes up three story's, WOW.

But this all fun and it is all very exciting, this is good that we get a chance to come here once a year to meet with the community this way. It helps our relationships, it helps the community, it helps the awareness of the neighborhood, and helps the angels feel that we are doing a good job. We do meet a few people, and we do answer a lot of questions, and we do not try to wear out our welcome.

This is another part that we must do as Guardian Angels, we must connect with this city and get involved with this city as much as possible, no matter what neighborhood or community. You'll never know how much this helps unless you do it, and do it for the Guardian Angels.

As it gets later in the day, we decide it is time for us to leave, we give our thanks and our blessing for inviting us. We regrouped outside, we get to the bus stop, we get on #71 bus, we get to our bus stop downtown on 6th street. As for the HQ it is two blocks away, we get to the HQ, we take off our color's and we call it a day. We all had a great day, we all had great food, and we all had fun, this is what happens when you become a member of the Guardian Angels.

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