Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oakland Patrol 7/18/10

Sunday July 18th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be going over to Oakland to begin our Campaign. We will be meeting up with the Oakland Chapter and the Solano County Chapter for this Campaign in Fruitville. We have already done our prebreif, we had already changed into uniform, and now we are ready to head over to Oakland. Next we get on BART at the Powell Station, we ride the BART across the BAY until we get to the Fruitville Station. This is our stop and this is our meeting place for all the chapters, there will also be channel 5 news follow us with a camera for a while to get a story.

Next Ajax the chapter leader for Oakland and the Northern Regional Leader for California puts the teams together, everyone is advised to be focus and to be alert because of the shortage of cops in this city. Next we hit the streets, two teams, Ajax leads team one and Greencard leads team two. We go down a few blocks, we post up on few blocks, there is people honking there horns from there vehicle's driving past us, there is people waving there hands at us from there vehicle's, this was a good sign.

Next we stopped at the Walgreen's, the news guy had to leave, and for us to go in for water. next thing you know we caught a shoplifter trying to exit the Walgreen's with a bunch of stuff, Walgreens thank us and we went on our way. Our next stop was the Oakland's chapter Headquarters, team one had got there first, as for team two they where making a drug bust, but the only thing is, the bad guys did not have enough pot on them to call the cops, team two had to let them go. As for HQ, this is a very good HQ, at a very good spot, to have a HQ is very important for the Guardian Angels.

Next we get right back into the streets, this time International Blvd. it is crazy on this street, the prostitute's, the gang bangers, and the drug dealers. We posted up on a few corners as we kept an eye on the prostitute's, this was out control but we did stopped it for a while. We did get the channel 5 news come back to us for another story right at the time all of this was going on at International Blvd, and before you know it there are gang bangers hanging out in front of two stores dealing there drugs, we do see this.

Team two marches across the street to where they are and advises them to move along, they lesson but slowly. team one marches to them as back up and even the channel 5 news came over to this, but it is safe enough to do so or this wouldn't had happened. Things did get calm, and stores did get a few more costumers to stop in to buy something. We did moved on, the channel 5 news called a day, our next march is back to the Fruitville Bart Station and it is a good distance.

We march on both sides of International Blvd. to cover more area, until we break off from each other to enter the station on two different sides. Next thing that we see is a male slump over in pain, the EMT'S has already been called, but we stay with him to make sure he doesn't get any worst, they arrived and they take him to the hospital.

What a day, and what a city, but we did come here to do what we said we where going to do, make it SAFE. We called it a day, we did our debrief here, we said our goodbyes, but this is not over and we all know this, we may see each other tomorrow or the next day who ever is available.

Thanks to all the chapters who started off the Campaign in a good way and a safe way!
This is Oakland and we are the Guardian Angels!

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