Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tenderloin YMCA basketball game with the SFPD

Saturday July 24th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels, Santa Clara/San Jose Guardian Angels, and the Sacramento Guardian Angels will be playing a Basketball Game today against the San Francisco Police Dept. and the YMCA Youth Members. All the Guardian Angel Chapters will meet at the San Francisco HQ, for planning the game and for changing into our colors. Everyone is prepared and very excited about doing this for the community, this is the Tenderloin Dist. and the game is at the YMCA.

We all march to the YMCA, we get there, we put up our banner, we go to the court to warm up, now we are ready to play ball. This is a full court game, five men on both teams, with one referee from each team to call the fouls. As we all get into game, it is not too good for the Angels, we did the best that we could do, but we could tell the Police had more practice than us. So we kept playing no matter what the score will be, and everyone did get to play that wanted to play.

As the game came to an end, we want to say that score did not matter, what did matter is everyone had fun. We made friendships with everyone that was there and it brought us all closer together, the San Francisco Police, the Guardian Angels, the Senior Citizens and all the YMCA Youth Members and YMCA Staff. This was meant to be through this basketball game, for the organizer herself she was the light of the day (Christina). When we the Guardian Angels got asked by her to do this we thought she was joking, and then the more we talked she was very serious on putting this together, and it did come together because of her.

We wish to thank Christina with all our hearts for making this possible!

We wish to thank all the Chapters for showing up and for playing!

We the Guardian Angels would also like a rematch!

We wish to Thank the SFPD and we wish to thank the YMCA as well.