Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Santa Cruz Trip 6/26/10

Saturday June 26th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels, Santa Clara Guardian Angels and the San Jose Guardian Angels will be traveling over to Santa Cruz today. This is a meet and greet to this city and we have been invited, to meet the citizens, to take a tour, to show our presents. Back at the HQ all the angels show up on time but we are in a hurry, we change into uniforms, we prebrief, and then load into the vans. At the last minute, we did have one member of the Stockon Chapter join us on this tour.

The travel time takes away time that we could be using for patrolling, but this is what it is all about going to another city. The two vans arrive at our meeting spot to meet with the citizens of Santa Cruz, we also meet with the media of Santa Cruz. We talk to them all to explain what the Guardian Angels are, and what we do, but is this city ready for a chapter or not, we will see.

Next, the citizens and the Guardian Angels get into two teams, team one will be lead by (Sarge) San Jose Chapter Leader and team two will be lead by (J.D.) San Francisco Chapter Leader, there will be one observer (Greencard). We do have radio's and we do have first aid techs with us on this tour, we are always prepared, we have to be.

As we patrol, our first spot is a park, it is called drug park because of all the drugs that you could buy there, it is all clear. Next we march down some side streets, not to bad, except we did picked up two needles, not looking to good for Santa Cruz but it is all clear.

Next we march to the boardwalk, this is a beautiful city and the air is very clean, but here it comes (the pot heads), they are yelling at us, they are cussing at us, they are trying to start fights with us, they followed us for about a mile. This was enough, we had citizens on patrol and we did not want to get into a convertation. So Sarge makes the call, we call the Santa Cruz Police Dept. they arrived and we explained that we are not here to get into any fights or start any trouble, we asked the police to have them move along so we could go on with the rest of our day. The police did talk to them (the pot heads), we thank the police and we marched on.

Next we begin to march down a trail along side a water bank, you could see the back of the buildings but nothing out of the ordinary, it is all clear.

We had reach the end of the patrol, we thank the citizens for there support, we made sure everyone was accounted for, and we took a group photo and then we all loaded back into the vans.

The city and the citizens must stay in touch with the angels to let us know how things are getting or going, we must have communication with each other. Hopefully there will be more trips to Santa Cruz, but we have to be invited! As we travel back to our city's we think we did a good job, but it took alot of work and alot of planning, we have to thank all the chapters that made this happen.
The Stockton Guardian Angels
The San Francisco Guardian Angels
The San Jose Guardian Angels
The Santa Clara Guardian Angels
As for Chapter Leaders Sarge and REN, (GREAT JOB)!


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