Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Haight Ashbury Patrol 7/10/10

Saturday July 10th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be patrolling the Haight Ashbury Dist. today. We do have a guess chapter that will be joining us on this patrol, (The Solano County Guardian Angels Chapter). This is the Haight Ashbury Dist. and we do know what to expect, the reason being for this patrol there was a murder last week and now people are afraid, calls where coming in. Now we prepare; we have two chapters for this patrol, we have first aid techs for this patrol, we have radio's for this patrol.

We even contacted the Forest Ranger's that we will be patrolling the Golden Gate Park area as well, they give us the OK. The chapter leader for San Francisco "J.D." and the chapter leader for Solano County "O" will lead team one, the second in command for San Francisco "Scorpion" and the second in command for Solano County "Razor" will lead team two. Next we go into our prebief, all the angels are in color's, all the angels are in there teams, and now we are ready to hit the streets.

We march to the bus stop, we ride the #6 bus to the Haight Ashbury Dist., we get to our stop, we divide the teams. One team on each side of the street, it looks better this way and we can cover more of the area, we do our radio check's, now we march. The Haight Street is not to bad, it is a beautiful day, alot of people are outside, we did feel that the area was calm, so we marched on. Next we stopped for dinner, we got that out of the way, we regrouped, we got into our teams and we began to march. But we had to stop and post up because we where asked to take a photo with this couple from Spain, as we where talking with them the man spoke up and said he was a cop in Spain. This was COOL! showed us the badge and all, they did asked if we had a chapter in Spain and we explained we did not, but it could happen some day, they then thank us for the work we did and we march on.

Next we march right into the Golden Gate Park area, it seems calm, but expect the unexpected, first thing you smell is POT but this the Haight and that smell is everywhere, but not the POT, because they hide there shit when they see the Guardian Angels. We march around the area, we post up around the area, we show our presents around the area, this is how we do things in this area. It is done this way because, on one side of the park you have POT HILL for all the pot heads, and on the other side of the park you have a PLAY GROUND for kids. As long as each other stays on there side there may not be a problem, but some how, some way this has been working out for years.

Next we decide to march out of the park and head back to the HQ, but there will be some stops along the way. We march all the way down Haight Street to our bus stop, we get on the #71 bus, we get to our stop on 8th street, we march down the block to HOLIDAY INN, this is where the 2010 World Convention is going to be held at and we just wanted to get a feel what is going to be like. We march on to the UNITED NATIONS PLAZA, great place to visit but there are bad guys all around this place, it is all clear.

We march on, we get to the HQ, we debrief, we did make a few mistakes today but we have to learn from them and not try do them again.

We like to thank, THE SOLANO COUNTY GUARDIAN ANGELS CHAPTER! for there support.

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