Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tenderloin Night Patrol 6/19/10

Saturday June 19th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be doing a night patrol in the Tenderloin Dist. tonight. We will have a guess chapter join us on this patrol, the Santa Clara Chapter with there chapter leader REN. This is a night patrol, it is more dangerous, so we do have to be more focus and more alert for this patrol. All angels, both chapter's arrive at the HQ on time, now we are ready to change into uniforms and get into our prebrief for this patrol. The teams are set, Scorpion and REN will lead team one, Zorro and Rambo will lead team two. We will have two observers for this patrol, J.D. for team one and Greencard for team two, there are 18 members tonight so we have to make sure this is done by the book. Prebrief is done, the radios are past out, the first aid angels have there packs, we call the police dept. to make sure we have the all clear.

Now the teams are ready to hit the streets, we march to the TL it is not far from our HQ, the first street we observe is Turk St. We post up on a few corners to where we run off the drug dealers, we stop at the 201 Turk building to talk to the desk clerk there, it is all clear.

We march on to one of our parks that we check on, as we check the park a homeless male needs some assistants with a cut on his hand, first aid angel fixed him up, it is all clear.

We then marched to Van Ness, as we got there, their where police everywhere, the police had gang members handcuffed, the (Fillmore Kids), they where going to jail and we did not ask why, so we marched on.

We then marched to one of our HOT SPOTS a parking garage, it was not to bad but we did pick up a few needles, the rest of the area is all clear. We next begin to check out the alley's, the first one we checked we take a crack pipe off a male, we advise him to get into treatment and never to return to this alley ever again, the rest is all clear. The next alley we checked there was broken beer bottles and a few needles, it is all clear now. Our next stop is Cobra's Corner, this is another HOT SPOT, we get there, we post up, all the bad guys are yelling at us, cussing at us, but we stayed focus and we stayed posted up, it calms down, it is now all clear.

We then march to the 631 Hamilton building to talk to the security there, it is all clear. We are now on O'Farrell St. we post up on a few corners, we check on a few alleys, everything is all clear. Our next stop is another park, we get there, we check it out, we talk to the family's and the kids in the park, only one bad thing we find a box knife on the ground, so we confiscate it. As we where beginning to leave the park we ran into an old school member, he was excited to see that the Guardian Angels are still around, he was thankful to see us out in this neighborhood, the park is all clear.

We then march on through more alleys, through more streets, as we where about to call it a night we come up on a female smoking crack in a doorway, we stopped her and took her pipe and took her drugs, we advised her to get into a treatment center, she said that they don't work. But we smashed the crack on the sidewalk, and we smashed the crack pipe on the sidewalk as well, showing her that this is a bad drug and advised her never to return here again. We are calling it a night, we march to the HQ, one team ahead of the other, still staying focus on all our moves and watching each others back.

We get to the HQ, we get back safe, we do debrief, REN does get his WINGS for taking a crack pipe off the streets. This is one of those nights that things happened, but we where ready because we stayed focused.

You always got to stay focus, focus was the key for tonight.
Thank You Santa Clara Chapter, and for you REN for doing a great job for leading the team on this night!

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