Thursday, June 3, 2010

Carnaval: Day Two May 30, 2010

On this day of El Carnaval, 16 Guardian Angels arrived to finish the last day of this two day event. We all arrived at the headquarters at 8 o'clock in the morning and at the prebrief we chose 4 members to be posted at the booth, while the rest of the team patrols the parade, which was led by one of the teenagers called "Matador".

We then arrived in the Mission District and to our amaze, there were thousands and thousands of people, very excited to see the parade. This only happens once a year.

We as San Francisco Guardian Angels are always willing and glad to secure these events by patrolling around for safety and for any help that we could provide for this community.

By 1:30 pm the parade had ended. Now it is time to head back to the street festival on Harrison Street. This was where our booth was stationed. To our amaze there were thousands and thousands of people already here as well, so we began to patrol the area, watching out for bad guys.

For our angels that were at the booth, there job was to pass out flyers, educate people, and also recruit new members. There are many ways for us to do recruiting, but this was one of the best ways because we are able to talk to people face to face.

By patrolling this festival, the festival it seemed to be safe and secured. There were many people having a good time and also eating and enjoying good food. There was also live music and a park for kids to have fun. As we did our patrol, everything seemed to be fine until we had reached an entrance. As we were posted up at this entrance we overheard a female and her friends discussing of a fight with another female. As we were posted up by these females, they decided to go on their ways and everything ended up for the best. We then went back to patrolling. We reached the other side of the festival. This was the main enterance. As we were posted up a female came up to us with a cut hand. We did have a first aid angel for this patrol, so he took care of her. Before the lady had left she thanked us for our help. This is another part about being a Guardian Angel, helping people in any way we can.

As El Carnaval was coming to an end. Everything seemed to be as expected. The neighborhood had a good time, as well has the city. Everyone had fun and everyone was safe. Again, for the El Carnaval we are grateful for all the angels that have stepped up to the plate because we could not have done as good of a job that we did without their dedication. So now it was time to leave the festival to head back to HQ for debrief. We were all thankful for this wonderful and beautiful safe day.

On the way back to HQ on the Muni #14 there was a situation about to occur but we had managed to deescalate the situation and everything calmed down and reason being this is what happens on a crowded bus.

Now we are back at the HQ. We do debrief and discuss how the day went and we all looked up to each other for everyone doing a great job. We highly give special thanks to Spider, the chapter leader of Contra Costa and Houndog of the LA Chapter.

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