Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Carnaval: Day One May 29, 2010

The San Francisco Carnaval is one of the biggest event that the Bay Area has to offer to residents and tourist alike. This year the carnaval was a big success. The security for this event was ran by two major security companies. Every entrance to the fair had tight security along with metal detectors, making sure that there won't be any trouble of any kind.

For the first time since the Guardian Angels had been doing this event, we were able to have a booth, which gave us the opportunity to give more information to the public about our organization.

We were able to educate many people of what we do and gave them a better understanding of what the Guardian Angels stand for. We got to know various types of people. We passed out flyers and also brought smiles to kids by passing out Guardian Angel stickers.

Eighteen Guardian Angels attended day one of the Carnaval (Saturday) with the help of the Richmond Chapter (Shadow) and the LA Chapter (Houndog). During prebrief, the leaders picked the team who stayed at the booth.

It was made sure that this team had the knowledge of the history of the Guardian Angels, while the rest had split into two teams to cover a wide range of area which was led by Scorpion and JD.

The first team arrived at the street fair at 9 AM to set up the booth, while the rest of the group arrived at 11 AM because that was the time the street fair was opened to the public. At the time of our arrival, we were greeted by security personnel and police officers alike.

The day went on without any major incident. A lot of people were happy to see us there and many of them stopped us to take pictures with us.

During the day, a former chapter leader from Camden New Jersey saw us and conversated with us about how he started his chapter back in the 80's and how he also built the Philadelphia. His code name was Rio.

The street fair closed at 5 PM to the public and we stayed there until 5:30 PM. We arrived back to the headquarters for debrief exhausted due to the hot weather but happy because we knew we accomplished our job, which was to protect the citizens against any type of crime.

The San Francisco Guardian Angels would like to give a very special thanks to our brothers Houndog of the LA Chapter, who came all the way from Los Angeles and Shadow of the Richmond Chapter for assisting us on day one of the Carnaval.

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