Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Community Event 6/12/10

Saturday June 12th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be doing a community event today. The team will be lead by Spider the chapter leader for Contra Costa. Spider has been a member with this other organization for awhile, this organization is the sponsor of this event. This event is for the children of this neighborhood and their community, so we do want to make it safe as possible. As Guardian Angels we are ready, we are prepared, and we do know what to expect. We all arrive at the HQ on time, we all change into uniforms, and we are all now ready for prebrief.

We will be using all radios for communication, and we do have two first aid techs with two first aid back packs. Next we march to the bus stop, we catch bus #14, we get to our stop on Mission Street, we march to the event.

The event is already starting and everyone is ready, the food is ready, the music is ready, even the weather is ready. As we are all at our posts, we need to watch out for the cars coming in and out of the event, we try to recruit new members at our both, and we watch the area to the best of our ability. We did get a chance to talk to the San Francisco Fire Dept. and take a few photo's with there fire truck, these guys are great.

For this event it was all great, you could see the children having a great time, you could see everyone enjoying there self's. But it never turns out the way you want it to, we see bad guys, so we thought. One of our angels that is posted up at the entrance was observing these guys, he said that they where smoking a blunt. So we went over to check it out, we did asked them what they where smoking, they showed us a cherry cigar, we advised them that we have to check out these things, they understood and then we left.

Well it is still turning out to be a great day, with plenty of bottled water, and the rotation of our post, this event was a lot of fun. As for Spider he was noticing that this event is coming to end, and advises everyone to get ready to leave. Spider then walks over to the organizer to let her know that we where leaving. The organizer then comes over to us and shakes all our hands, she thanks us and she said she would like to have us back again, we said this was a HONOR and thank her as well.

Spider then marches the team back to the bus stop, we catch bus #14, we get to our stop on Mission Street and 6th, we march to our HQ.

For our HQ, it is our office, it is our place to come together and organize, organize events, and organize patrols, we are very grateful to have a HQ like this. At HQ we do debrief, we change back into our street cloths and we did come back SAFE.
Thank You Spider for leading this event!
For this Event, we where security, we where first aid, we where parking attendants, but most of all we where Guardian Angels.

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