Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Church Event 6/5/10

Saturday June 5th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be doing an EVENT in the Tenderloin and there will be four angels sent over to Solano Chapter for their EVENT. As we all had been up-dated on this day, we are prepared, we have the angels, and we have a beautiful day today. Everyone has arrived at the HQ on time and ready to begin our plan for the day. First we send Cobra's team to Solano, second we all change into uniform, and third we go into our prebrief. This Event was proposed to one of our angels called Dragon, so Dragon will be leading the team today for this EVENT, we will be using all radio's for communication, and we have one first aid tech on this team.

Next we march to the Tenderloin to this EVENT for the Church on Golden Gate Street, this church does have history, and this church is well loved by the community.

This street is closed off to the public for this EVENT, and there will be no vehicles allowed at all.

Our objective is to make it safe for this Event, post up on each end of the street, and observe who comes in, NO Drinking, NO Drugs, NO Bad Guys.

We as Guardian Angels did get a table set up at this EVENT, to pass out information, to talk to the community, and to get new members, but was asked not to have a donation container, we do follow the rules.

As the day was going into the afternoon, we as angels had seen a male fall flat into the pavement on a sidewalk and hit his head. We immediately went over to him with our first aid tech, the first aid tech looked him over, this guy was knocked out cold with no response what so ever.

The first aid tech advised to make the call, call 911, and we did. The EMT"S arrived and the SF Fire Department arrived, they looked him over, got him awake, put him on a gurney, and they left. Who knows maybe we saved this guys life, maybe we didn't, but this is what we do and we do it to the best of our ability.

Next we move on with our day, and the day was turning out to be a great day, and yes it was alttle slow but it was safe. We did meet alot of people in this community, we did meet the security for the Saint Anthony, and we did meet the Preist for the church.

Now we are ready to call it a day and leave the area and march back to the HQ. Everyone did thank us for our help, and everyone was pleased to see the angels here at this EVENT, this made us feel good as we left.

Back at the HQ, we go right into debrief, everyone felt they did a good job, hardly any mistakes, and now adding to how many EVENTS we had done already, everyone is ready to get back into patrolling. As for the team that went to the Solano Chapter EVENT, they where still out at the EVENT, but they are in good hands with the leaders from that County.

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