Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mission district , bus patrol, 2/27/10

Saturday February 27th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be patrolling the Mission Dist. and will be doing a bus patrol tonight. This a back to back patrol, it takes a lot of patience and it takes a lot of focus, but we are ready. As everyone starts to arrive at the HQ we prepare for this patrol, we change into uniforms, we prebrief, and we welcome our new members. We will be one team of eleven, I J.D. will be patrol leader and Scorpion will be the tail of this team, we have one first aid tech, and we will be using all radios for communication. Next we call the Mission Police Dept. to advise them that we will be patrolling the area, they gave us the OK for that area, now we are ready to go into the Mission Dist.

The team all post up outside the HQ, we next march to the bus stop, we post up to wait for our bus, we get on bus #14 to head to our destination. We are now at our stop,16th street BART STATION as soon as we are out of the bus there is a fight, a fight between two females, I J.D. grabbed one female and my partner Apache had grabbed the other female to break them apart, all the other angels had posted up around the BART STATION to make sure no one else were going to jump in, and they all had stuck with their partner.

The women had calmed down, the area was full of people and they were all calming down, but we stayed posted up just in case. Next the police had arrived, someone had called them, I J.D. and my partner went to talk to the officer to explain what had happened. The officer wanted talked to both women, we went over to them, he had a few words with them and had both of them leave the area, the officer shook our hands, got back in his vehicle and left. Next we hit the alley-ways; Hunters Alley was not too bad, for the first time we did not pick up one dirty needle, this alley was All Clear.

As for Lovers Lane Alley we walked up on a female shooting dope but she stopped as soon as she seen us and stashed her stuff, we asked her to leave the area, she gathered her things and left.

We looked around where she was at but nothing was there, but she had dropped a needle as she was leaving the alley, this needle was fresh with her blood still in it.

Next we marched to Kid Power Park, we get there, we do a perimeter of the park, we find beer bottles, beer cans, we asked ourselves why would someone drink at a park for kids? (some people don't care), this area is now All Clear.

We march back to 16th street BART STATION, we post up for a while, it is All Clear. We next march up Mission St. we picked up one crack pipe, it was someones stash but other than that everything was calm. We then march to Alioto Park, it is All Clear, we next march back to Mission St. to get to Walgreen's for our water break, this is much needed. We then march to 24th street BART STATION, we post up for a while, it is All Clear, we next check out Travis Alley, this alley is All Clear.

Now we are ready for our bus patrol, everyone is still focused, we just have to make sure, that no one drinks on the bus, no one does drugs on the bus, no one puts any graffiti on the bus, and no one tries to come in the back door without paying, everything will be just fine. As we ride the bus outbound everything is calm, but the bus is full of people, we did what we could do for our presence, this is still good.

As we ride the bus inbound everything is calm, but we did notice a prostitute trying to pick up a customer, she notice the angels and she was not going to get the customer, she got off the bus. This bus is #14 it is one of the worst bus that you can ride in the city, and that is why the angels do more patrols on this bus. Next we decided to call it a night and head back to the HQ, we get off at our stop, we march to the HQ, we unlock the office.

Now we are ready for debrief, everyone does have something to say and everyone must say something to learn from this patrol, this helps us to do better, this helps us to learn from our mistakes, this also gives you the confidence to become stronger next time. Great patrol, everyone followed directions, everyone listened to the patrol leader, and everyone had watch their distance, Thank You Guys For Your Dedication!


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