Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Saturday 3/27/10, Mission patrol

Saturday March 27th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will have a back to back day today. First on the schedule is the self defense class, the instructor is one of our members, his code name is Warrior. Second thing on the schedule is the patrol in the Mission Dist. All the angels arrived at the HQ on time for this self defense training, we begin with stretching and warm ups, we practice blocks, we practice punches, we practice kicks. The San Francisco Guardian Angels uses this training when needed, and only when needed, and this helps the chapter to be a better chapter on the streets.

Next we all get ready for our prebrief and get ready for the patrol, we must do this to be prepared and to be ready for the streets. There will be two teams tonight, J.D. will lead team one, and Lion will lead team two, we have two first aid techs tonight one for each team, and we will be using all radios for communication for this patrol. Both teams march to the bus stop, we post up to wait for the bus, (bus #14), we all get on the bus to ride to our stop.

We get to our stop, (16th St. BART STATION) and post up to observe the area, not too bad for a Saturday night, it is ALL Clear. We all know the Mission Dist. this will be basically our same tour, next we check out the alley ways; Hunter's Alley, Lover's Lane Alley, Travis Alley, most of the alley ways was not good tonight because of so many needles that we to had picked up, we did pick them up and put them in the BIO Containers, and now the alley ways are All Clear.

Next we march up Mission Street from 16th St. to 24th St. along the way was not too bad, we posted up a few times but it too was All Clear. We did check out the two parks that we always do; Kid Power Park, Alioto Park, this was great they too were All Clear. This was turning out to be one of those nights that we hardly ever see, until we get to the (24th St. BART STATION).

J.D.s team was posted up at one station and Lion's team was posted up at the other station across the street. Lion and his team were concerned about this female that did not look right at the station so they went to talk to her, this female was crying, this female was scared, this female did not know if she was at the right station for her ride to pick her up. They advised her to keep trying to get hold of the person that was to pick her up, they advised her that they will stay there as long as it takes until her ride arrives, they advised her to stay calm and not to be scared.

This is the 24th St. BART STATION, we called it Heroin Central, people get killed, people get robbed and people OD on this corner, this is a HOT SPOT. What had happened is she got off at the wrong station with all her bags and did not know what to do, but finally her ride arrived, she thank the angels and left, now this area is All Clear.

Next we decide to call it a night and get on the bus to go back to the HQ, we get back to the HQ, we do debrief, we change back into our street clothes, we did have one promotion tonight and that is Lion, Lion to Lieutenant, congratulations Lion. As for the patrol, there is never the same patrol, all patrols are different, we train for these patrols, we plan for these patrols, and as members we make this chapter the way it is because we are the Guardian Angels.

We do have to Thank Warrior for his experience in the Martial Arts and we are thankful to have him as a member of San Francisco Chapter!

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