Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Haight/Ashbury, bus patrols

Saturday March 6th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be patrolling the Height Ashbury Dist. and doing bus patrols today on two buses, (bus #71 & bus #38). All the angels and our guest from San Jose Chapter start arriving at the HQ around 12:00 noon, to change into uniforms and to do prebrief. Again this is a back to back patrol, it take focus and it takes patience because this is going to be a long patrol. There will be two teams, I J.D. will be team one and Scorpion will be team two, we will have two first aid techs and we will be using all radios for communication for this patrol. Now we are ready to head out into the streets, first we march to the bus stop on Market Street & 5th, next we get on bus #71.

We all know what to do on the bus, and that is looking for drinking on the bus, doing drugs on the bus, writing graffiti on the bus and not let any freeloaders come in the back door of the bus, the ride is All Clear. Now we are at Haight Ashbury Dist. We get off the bus, we march down the main street of the area, the area is All Clear. Next we march right into the Golden Gate Park, before we do we call the Park Rangers, (they give us the OK).

As we march around the area, we are greeted, we are thanked, but as we got to the back of the park there were some things scattered on the ground, along with needles a butchers knife, we cleaned up the area and marched on.

This area seems to be calm, cool, and collected, but not so fast, as we were starting to march out of the park, we come across a male that was so beat-up that this guy needed to go to the hospital. Right away we called 911, they arrived, they observe him, they walked him to there ambulance, put him in and left.

Next we march to the bus stop to get on bus #71 to do another bus patrol, we get on the bus going outbound all the way to the Pacific Ocean, the ride is All Clear. We get to our stop, we get into our teams, we now are ready for a long march to our other bus stop, but this area is the Pacific Ocean, there is no crime, there is no violence, there is no drug dealing, but there is the exercise that we need for this long march. Everyone did not know what to expect from this patrol, but it did have an impact on us, because it took endurance, and it showed how we can get into any environment and still stay focus on what we are doing.

We all got to our bus stop, both teams, we get on bus #38 going inbound, we look for all things that we look for on the bus, the ride is All Clear.

We get back into the city and to our stop, we get into our teams and we call it a night and march back to the HQ. We get to the HQ, we open up the office, now we do debrief, this is a good day, we all came back safe, we all came back alive, and we all had fun. This patrol had little mistakes, the leaders did a very good job, we do need to have different patrol leaders and this will come in upcoming patrols.

We the San Francisco Chapter would like to THANK the San Jose Chapter for there help and their leadership!


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