Friday, March 26, 2010

Contra Costa, Richmond, 3/20/10

Saturday March 20th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be assisting the Contra Costa Chapter, and the Richmond Chapter will be there as well. This event is in Contra Costa, the Contra Costa Collage, an event for the community, an event full of organizations, and we as Guardian Angels will be apart of this event, thanks to the Contra Costa Chapter for being involved. We the San Francisco Guardian Angels must arrive early at the HQ to get there on time, all the angels are here now, all the angels has changed into uniform, now we are ready for this event. We all must travel to this event, by BART, by AC TRANSIT, and march to the area, but we are angels and we know the drill. As we arrive to the event we first set up the table, we do radio checks, we tour around the area, and we are aware that the Contra Costa Chapter is a new chapter with new members.

The Contra Costa Chapter are willing to learn and are willing to get the training they need, and they are also willing to change into a better uniform, it will take time and it will take money for the chapter to get everything they need, but they do have the heart. For this event there is all kinds of activities to get involved in, and there is even some training that you could get as well. We as angels took a self defense class from a well trained instructor a (5th degree black belt) that is will known throughout the community. We as angels took a class for CPR and some basic first aid skills from a Guardian Angel that is a RED CROSS instructor.

We as angels even got face painted to get involved with the kids, and when we did the kids asked us all kinds of questions that we where gladly happy answered, it is great to be a ROLL-MODEL. So the day turned out to be a good day and it turned out to be a good event.

We all know as angels we help out our fellow chapter's when we can, we are a group, we are a organization that must lead the way for SAFETY. For this event the day is over and we must get back to our city, to our headquarters, we march to the bus stop, we catch the bus to take us all to the BART STATION. We ride the BART to our city and get off at our stop downtown, we come up from the BART to the streets to march to the headquarters, we get to the headquarters. Next we do debrief, we change back into our street clothes and we call it a day. But there is more to it than that, we all did a GREAT job, angels with no experience, angels with some experience and angels with experience, this is the power of the Guardian Angels!
We the San Francisco Guardian Angels wish to Thank again (Shadow) Chapter Leader for Richmond for his support.

We the San Francisco Guardian Angels appreciate (Spider) Chapter Leader for Contra Costa, on his dedication and his leadership in trying his best to get this chapter up and running. It is work and it is a hand full, but we have faith that he can do it.

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