Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Community meeting, Tenderloin, 3/11/10

Thursday March 11th 2010, there is a community meeting in the Tenderloin Dist. We the San Francisco Guardian Angels are invited to this meeting, and the special guest speaker is the SF Police Chief George Gascon. The SF Police Chief touched base on: the city, the community, and the future. The Police Chief advised on everyone to work together, and he discussed the economy that this city needs.

As for the community, the SF Police Chief wants more police to do more foot patrols to stop the drug dealing and the violence in all communities. As for the future, it is going to take time and that it is not going to happen over night. This is a great city, we can restart it, we can rebuild it, we just need everyone to get involved to do there share, you can all make a difference for this city.

For this meeting it did help the Guardian Angels to get notice, to let the SF Police Chief know that we care, and that we are here if he needs the Angels. We did invite the SF Police Chief to the Guardian Angel Convention that is going to be held here in San Francisco. He advised us that he would see what he could do, but to try to get in touch with him in advance, and hopefully he would be one of our special guest speakers at our convention.

Thank You To Our New SF Police Chief, George Gascon!

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