Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Richmond and Oakland patrol, 2/20/10

On Saturday 20, 2010, chapters from Northern California (Sacramento, Stockton, Solano County, San Pablo, San Jose, Oakland and San Francisco) answered the call from our state coordinators to assist Shadow, the chapter leader from the city of Richmond, to recruit members and start patroling the city due to the high areas of crime that were spreading throughout the near by counties.

All Guardian Angels from differents cities got together at El Cerrito Del Norte Bart Station, at noon time. 26 Guardian Angels answered the call. Cristina, the coordinator, gathered all leaders and started making the plan for the day. We decided to split in two groups, one of each side of the street. Green Card, Spider and Scorpion lead the first group, while Sir Kent, Omar and Cristina led the second.

We started walking down on San Pablo Ave. to Mcdonald Ave. Then we walked toward 23rd St. On the way there we decided to pass by 28th St. While we were walking in the neighborhood, some residents were outside their houses and we started introducing ourselves. We told them what we were trying to do in the city. We gave some flyers out and noticed that some people were afraid, but others were glad to see us there.

On the way to Cutting Blvd. we noticed that some residents started taking pictures of us from inside their houses and they gave us the "thumbs-up" signal. They were happy when we told them that we were going to start patrolling the area in the near by future.

We were in the area for almost 3 hours and in every street many drivers that were passing by either gave us the "thumbs-up", honked their horns as a way to greet us, or gave us smiles.

Then we went to Oakland to patrol the Fruitvale area. Cristina led the group. We patrolled the International Blvd. all the way to the Oakland GA's Headquarters. Everything went okay. There were no incidents at all ...

In times in which our fellow Angels from others cities need assistance because of the growth of crime, we work as one, as brothers and sisters, as Guardian Angels united in fighting the same cause: "Crime" as effective visual deterrents.

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