Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tenderloin YMCA basketball game with the SFPD

Saturday July 24th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels, Santa Clara/San Jose Guardian Angels, and the Sacramento Guardian Angels will be playing a Basketball Game today against the San Francisco Police Dept. and the YMCA Youth Members. All the Guardian Angel Chapters will meet at the San Francisco HQ, for planning the game and for changing into our colors. Everyone is prepared and very excited about doing this for the community, this is the Tenderloin Dist. and the game is at the YMCA.

We all march to the YMCA, we get there, we put up our banner, we go to the court to warm up, now we are ready to play ball. This is a full court game, five men on both teams, with one referee from each team to call the fouls. As we all get into game, it is not too good for the Angels, we did the best that we could do, but we could tell the Police had more practice than us. So we kept playing no matter what the score will be, and everyone did get to play that wanted to play.

As the game came to an end, we want to say that score did not matter, what did matter is everyone had fun. We made friendships with everyone that was there and it brought us all closer together, the San Francisco Police, the Guardian Angels, the Senior Citizens and all the YMCA Youth Members and YMCA Staff. This was meant to be through this basketball game, for the organizer herself she was the light of the day (Christina). When we the Guardian Angels got asked by her to do this we thought she was joking, and then the more we talked she was very serious on putting this together, and it did come together because of her.

We wish to thank Christina with all our hearts for making this possible!

We wish to thank all the Chapters for showing up and for playing!

We the Guardian Angels would also like a rematch!

We wish to Thank the SFPD and we wish to thank the YMCA as well.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oakland Patrol 7/18/10

Sunday July 18th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be going over to Oakland to begin our Campaign. We will be meeting up with the Oakland Chapter and the Solano County Chapter for this Campaign in Fruitville. We have already done our prebreif, we had already changed into uniform, and now we are ready to head over to Oakland. Next we get on BART at the Powell Station, we ride the BART across the BAY until we get to the Fruitville Station. This is our stop and this is our meeting place for all the chapters, there will also be channel 5 news follow us with a camera for a while to get a story.

Next Ajax the chapter leader for Oakland and the Northern Regional Leader for California puts the teams together, everyone is advised to be focus and to be alert because of the shortage of cops in this city. Next we hit the streets, two teams, Ajax leads team one and Greencard leads team two. We go down a few blocks, we post up on few blocks, there is people honking there horns from there vehicle's driving past us, there is people waving there hands at us from there vehicle's, this was a good sign.

Next we stopped at the Walgreen's, the news guy had to leave, and for us to go in for water. next thing you know we caught a shoplifter trying to exit the Walgreen's with a bunch of stuff, Walgreens thank us and we went on our way. Our next stop was the Oakland's chapter Headquarters, team one had got there first, as for team two they where making a drug bust, but the only thing is, the bad guys did not have enough pot on them to call the cops, team two had to let them go. As for HQ, this is a very good HQ, at a very good spot, to have a HQ is very important for the Guardian Angels.

Next we get right back into the streets, this time International Blvd. it is crazy on this street, the prostitute's, the gang bangers, and the drug dealers. We posted up on a few corners as we kept an eye on the prostitute's, this was out control but we did stopped it for a while. We did get the channel 5 news come back to us for another story right at the time all of this was going on at International Blvd, and before you know it there are gang bangers hanging out in front of two stores dealing there drugs, we do see this.

Team two marches across the street to where they are and advises them to move along, they lesson but slowly. team one marches to them as back up and even the channel 5 news came over to this, but it is safe enough to do so or this wouldn't had happened. Things did get calm, and stores did get a few more costumers to stop in to buy something. We did moved on, the channel 5 news called a day, our next march is back to the Fruitville Bart Station and it is a good distance.

We march on both sides of International Blvd. to cover more area, until we break off from each other to enter the station on two different sides. Next thing that we see is a male slump over in pain, the EMT'S has already been called, but we stay with him to make sure he doesn't get any worst, they arrived and they take him to the hospital.

What a day, and what a city, but we did come here to do what we said we where going to do, make it SAFE. We called it a day, we did our debrief here, we said our goodbyes, but this is not over and we all know this, we may see each other tomorrow or the next day who ever is available.

Thanks to all the chapters who started off the Campaign in a good way and a safe way!
This is Oakland and we are the Guardian Angels!
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Saturday July 17th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels and all surrounding chapters will be having the 2010 World Conference meeting today, and a patrol in the Tenderloin Dist. as well. This meeting was not a good turn out as expected, so we did what we could do with the chapters that we had here.

For the patrol, it is set up and it is ready, there will be one team, Scorpion will lead this team with first aid techs and with radio's for communication. Scorpion does take the team out while the leaders stay at HQ to make decisions on the Conference. This is not an easy task, but still it is what it is and we are going to do the best that we can do with what we have. Scorpion's team reports in by radio, everything is all clear, will report in later. We get back to the table to cover all the bases, the rooms, the head count, the patrols, the catering, the rules, and the financing, it must all come together or try to.

Scorpion's team checks in again by radio, everything is all clear, will report in later. We still have to stay at the table to work on another plan on our schedule today, and that is the city of OAKLAND due to the lay-offs of cops. This is going to be a Campaign, a campaign is to reach out to a city that is in need of high importance. So we put together a plan for the Campaign, it is going to take alot of work but we will keep this city safe no matter what. It will also have to come together from all chapters to do there share, with the 2010 World Conference and the Campaign in OAKLAND, these are huge jobs and not one single chapter could do this alone. As we come to the end of our day, we do have a news media here today to cover a story on the Campaign in OAKLAND.

This was cool because it lets people know that we do care, and we will do our best as Guardian Angels to do the job, there is HOPE. The team is back from patrol, (Tenderloin Dist.), the decisions are made for the 2010 World Conference. As for tomorrow, the Campaign in the city of OAKLAND we will be ready for anything, we have trained for days like these.

We would like to thank all the chapters that showed up for this meeting, but then again we know the other chapters will be there if they are needed, and we would also like to thank our director of California Eric (CONFRONT) Wong for being a great leader!The Date Of The World Conference: August 5, 6, 7, 8, 2010


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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cook Out in The Haight 7/11/10

Sunday July 11th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be going over to the Haight Ashbury Dist. for a cook out (BBQ) today. We where invited be one of the community leaders in this area, he his also one of our supporters for our chapter here in San Francisco. All the angels will be meeting at the HQ who are interested in going over to the cook out (BBQ). We are all ready and we are all in color's, but this is not a patrol, this is a cook out (BBQ), so we are in a low-key mode. We go to the bus stop, we get on #71 bus, we get to our stop.

We are now in the Haight Ashbury Dist. The house is not far from our stop, about a block away, we get there and right away they are inviting us into there home. There is soda's and water, there is food, and there is a stair well in the back yard that goes up three story's, WOW.

But this all fun and it is all very exciting, this is good that we get a chance to come here once a year to meet with the community this way. It helps our relationships, it helps the community, it helps the awareness of the neighborhood, and helps the angels feel that we are doing a good job. We do meet a few people, and we do answer a lot of questions, and we do not try to wear out our welcome.

This is another part that we must do as Guardian Angels, we must connect with this city and get involved with this city as much as possible, no matter what neighborhood or community. You'll never know how much this helps unless you do it, and do it for the Guardian Angels.

As it gets later in the day, we decide it is time for us to leave, we give our thanks and our blessing for inviting us. We regrouped outside, we get to the bus stop, we get on #71 bus, we get to our bus stop downtown on 6th street. As for the HQ it is two blocks away, we get to the HQ, we take off our color's and we call it a day. We all had a great day, we all had great food, and we all had fun, this is what happens when you become a member of the Guardian Angels.

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Haight Ashbury Patrol 7/10/10

Saturday July 10th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be patrolling the Haight Ashbury Dist. today. We do have a guess chapter that will be joining us on this patrol, (The Solano County Guardian Angels Chapter). This is the Haight Ashbury Dist. and we do know what to expect, the reason being for this patrol there was a murder last week and now people are afraid, calls where coming in. Now we prepare; we have two chapters for this patrol, we have first aid techs for this patrol, we have radio's for this patrol.

We even contacted the Forest Ranger's that we will be patrolling the Golden Gate Park area as well, they give us the OK. The chapter leader for San Francisco "J.D." and the chapter leader for Solano County "O" will lead team one, the second in command for San Francisco "Scorpion" and the second in command for Solano County "Razor" will lead team two. Next we go into our prebief, all the angels are in color's, all the angels are in there teams, and now we are ready to hit the streets.

We march to the bus stop, we ride the #6 bus to the Haight Ashbury Dist., we get to our stop, we divide the teams. One team on each side of the street, it looks better this way and we can cover more of the area, we do our radio check's, now we march. The Haight Street is not to bad, it is a beautiful day, alot of people are outside, we did feel that the area was calm, so we marched on. Next we stopped for dinner, we got that out of the way, we regrouped, we got into our teams and we began to march. But we had to stop and post up because we where asked to take a photo with this couple from Spain, as we where talking with them the man spoke up and said he was a cop in Spain. This was COOL! showed us the badge and all, they did asked if we had a chapter in Spain and we explained we did not, but it could happen some day, they then thank us for the work we did and we march on.

Next we march right into the Golden Gate Park area, it seems calm, but expect the unexpected, first thing you smell is POT but this the Haight and that smell is everywhere, but not the POT, because they hide there shit when they see the Guardian Angels. We march around the area, we post up around the area, we show our presents around the area, this is how we do things in this area. It is done this way because, on one side of the park you have POT HILL for all the pot heads, and on the other side of the park you have a PLAY GROUND for kids. As long as each other stays on there side there may not be a problem, but some how, some way this has been working out for years.

Next we decide to march out of the park and head back to the HQ, but there will be some stops along the way. We march all the way down Haight Street to our bus stop, we get on the #71 bus, we get to our stop on 8th street, we march down the block to HOLIDAY INN, this is where the 2010 World Convention is going to be held at and we just wanted to get a feel what is going to be like. We march on to the UNITED NATIONS PLAZA, great place to visit but there are bad guys all around this place, it is all clear.

We march on, we get to the HQ, we debrief, we did make a few mistakes today but we have to learn from them and not try do them again.

We like to thank, THE SOLANO COUNTY GUARDIAN ANGELS CHAPTER! for there support.
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vallejo Independence Day Parade 7/4/10

Sunday July 4th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be going over to Vallejo (Solano County) to be in the 4th July PARADE. We will be meeting up with the Solano County Guardian Angels Chapter and the Oakland Guardian Angels Chapter, all three chapters will be in this PARADE. The San Francisco Chapter begins the day by everyone showing up at the HQ on time, we cannot be late. Next we change into uniforms, we prebrief, we are now ready to march to the BART Station.

The BART is our transportation, we will be leaving from Powell Station to El Cerito Del Norty Station. All the SFGA are on board the BART, it is a good distance but we have done this before, and we do have the other chapter's waiting to pick us up in there vehicles.

As we arrived at El Cerito Del Norty Station we all get into vehicles to drive down to Vallejo, this is a good distance as well. We are findly here in downtown Vallejo and you can see that this city is ready for a PARADE, the cars, the floats, the vendors, the music, and all the people. This is going to be a big PARADE, there where more people here than we thought, but most of all the angels are very excited to be in it. Ajax, the Chapter Leader for Oakland and Northern Reg, Director organizes the march, and "O" Chapter Leader for Solano County will be driving there Guardian Angel Vehicle in the PARADE.

Next we march we all march, we wave our hands and we wave all our hands. But one thing did stand out, a little boy came over to one of our angels and asked if he could have a hug, so the angel did give the little boy a hug, our guess was that Vallejo knew who the Guardian Angels are, this was a good feeling.

As we had reach the end of the PARADE the music was still alive, we where all having so much fun that we all began to dance, it was the end of the PARADE so it did not matter. Next we gathered all our things, and we began to marched to "O"s restaurant to get something to eat and have a meeting. As we where marching we stoped to meet with some WW2 veterans, these guys are cool and believe me they do have some story's to tell you, we took a photo with them and thank them for there service.

We did get to "O"s restaurant, we ate, we had a meeting, and now it is time for the SFGA to get back to our city. We all got into the vehicles to drive back to El Cerito Del Norty Station, as we got there to BART Station, we thank the chapters for inviting us to this PARADE, and we thank them for a great time we had.

We got on the BART, we got off at the Powell Station, we get back to the HQ, we do debrief, we change back into our street clothes.

Now this is what it is all about, helping out another chapter, they will help us when we need them, we are a brotherhood and we are a family. Now we are ready for the Convention, bring it on and lets get this Convention started.
We love what we do or we would not be doing it. Check out our video's on U-Tube, type in San Francisco Guardian Angels.
Thank You Solano County Chapter!
Thank You Oakland Chapter!

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