Friday, August 27, 2010

Sacramento Campaign 8/21&22/10

Saturday August 21st & Sunday August 22nd 2010, will be a busy weekend for the San Francisco Guardian Angels. There is a Campaign that is going on in the city of Sacramento Calif. our state capital. The Sacramento Guardian Angels Chapter will be incharge of this Campaign and they are requesting help from any chapter that can give them a hand. The Reno Chapter will be there Friday, the San Jose/Santa Clara Chapter will be there Saturday, the San Francisco Chapter will be there Saturday and Sunday for this Campaign. We the San Francisco Chapter will also be assisting the Salano Chapter for there Puerto Rican Festival on Saturday. As for the Salano Chapter Event the reports where all good for the San Francisco Guardian Angels that went to Salano, the Solano Chapter always puts there heart and soul into there events.

For the Campaign all the other San Francisco Guardian Angels will have to travel to Sacramento, our transportation is the Greyhound Bus. Next we march to the Greyhound Station, we wait in line for the bus, we get on the bus, the bus ride there is three hours so we rest on the bus to be ready for this Campaign.

The Greyhound Bus arrives at Downtown Sacramento, the bus pulls into the station, we all get off the bus, and we will be meeting up with the San Jose/Santa Clara Chapter in the area. We all meet up and began to march, we march to the State Capital Building to take photo's and to wait for pick up from the Sacramento Chapter.

It all comes together, the pick up works out, the meals work out, and now the patrols come to play. The first patrol is a look out patrol, all the angels are on the look out for a woman beater, this woman was pregnant, she had been attact from behind by this man. We hand out fliers, we put fliers on telephone poles, we march down streets, we got alot of support from this city, and even the woman herself came out to thank us for CARING, this was a great feeling. The second patrol is at the Days Inn Hotel, it is a take back patrol, to take back the hotel from the Pimps and the Prostitutes. Yes this was out of hand, the hotel was in need, they needed the angels to be there over night until the next day.

(Sir Kent) Senior Leader, (Fire Tech) Chapter Leader, and there chapter knew the area, and they knew what to look for, they then put us into teams and showed everyone what needed to be done. You had to see this for yourself, the Pimps where pissed off because none of the cars where stopping for there girls when they saw the Guardian Angels. There where Prostitutes running this way and there where Prostitutes running that way, like a cat and mouse operation, but it was working because it was slowing down.

There was this one moment about to be a fight between two Pimps and the angels because they where loosing business, but they back down and went there on way. As the night was getting late, we all had to get back to our meeting place, but we knew this was going to go on all night. The San Jose/Santa Clara Chapter had to leave back home, it was going to be a long drive for them. The Sacramento Chapter was calling it a night, they needed to get home to be ready to pick up San Francisco Chapter in the morning. As the night was calm, the security (Anthony) made his rounds, he advised the angels that this is one of the quietest nights he has seen in a long time, but if there is a problem he will come to our room and get us, so be ready. As we waited and feel asleep with our uniforms on, there was no knock on the door, so when we woke up we went to the front desk to check in, they even said it was a quiet night and that nothing happened.

Well at least we ready, but now we have to get ready for pick up to the Greyhound Station. Sir Kent arrived at the hotel for pick up with there vehicles to take the San Francisco Chapter to the Greyhound Station. We get to the Station, we thank Sir Kent and his Chapter for inviting us to this Campaign, we wait in line for the bus, we get on the bus, the bus ride is three hours, but that's OK we are tired and we are ready to get back home.

The San Francisco Guardian Angels arrive at Downtown San Francisco, the bus pulls into the station, we get off the bus, we march to the HQ.
As we are home and we are in our HQ, we still do debrief, it has to be done because it lets everyone know what they learned, if you did not learn anything then maybe you shouldn't be in the Guardian Angels.

What do you do when another Chapter needs your help, you help!
Thank You Sacramento Chapter For Inviting Us To Your Campaign!

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