Friday, August 20, 2010

Closed Door Meeting 8/14/10

Saturday August 14th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be having a closed door meeting for all our member's today. It has been a very exciting week with the 2010 World Conference, and all the Guardian Angels that came to San Francisco from around the world. So now it is time to regroup, reorganize, and get back on track because as the San Francisco Chapter we stay busy, really busy.

We already have plans that we are working on that needs to come to the table, we have new members that needs to get out on patrols, we have neighborhoods that has been calling us for patrols. As we said at the beginning of the year this will be a year to remember, we will be doing more patrols, more events, and requiting more members. We will also be having other chapters joining us in our major events and our major patrols here in San Francisco. As we in turn will be traving over to there chapters to give them a hand, it works out both ways. As Guardian Angels you have to be respectful, to get respect you have to give respect, it don't come easy either, sometimes you have to earn respect. Respect is a big word and it has meaning, because Guardian Angels are Roll Models, because Guardian Angels are Law Biding Citizens, and because Guardian Angels are Honest. This is why Respect is one of our keys in the San Francisco Chapter to be a strong chapter in California. As our meeting went on there where promotions, there where I Supports that went to Safety, and there where alot of things took care of at this meeting. So all in all the meeting went well, and we all definitely needed to be at this meeting as the San Francisco Chapter to see how things are going for today and for tomorrow and in our future.
Thanks to all the San Francisco Guardian Angels for showing up at this meeting!

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