Saturday, August 14, 2010

International GA Convention: Day Two 8/6/10

Friday August 6th 2010, this is the second day of the 2010 World Conference and it was even more exciting. There where more Angels that had arrived, there where more patrols, and there where alot of meetings on this day.

We begin with Curtis Sliwa giving his speech and when Curtis gives his speech he tells it like it is. Remember he is the founder of The Guardian Angels, he started the group in 1979, the place was N.Y. the Bronx, and this idea came to him as a night manager in McDonald's Rest.

So here we are today a World Wide organization that fights crime in the streets around the world. The Guardian Angels is a National and International organization, we are getting stronger and we are getting better through the leaders that we have in our organization. Next is our guest speaker Eddie Ramirez, great guy as a Oakland Police Officer and this guy used to be a Chapter Leader for San Francisco, he is a roll model.

As the day moves forward, we patrol the Tenderloin Dist. it is what it is, we check out our hot spots, we check out Cobra's Corner, all is calm. This is a day patrol and we do stick out like a sore thumb, the schedule for this patrol is ending so we march back to the hotel for updates.

Here we go, the plan for tonight is two patrols, there will be one patrol in the Mission Dist. with half of the Angels, there will be another patrol in the city Oakland with the other half of the Angels. As it goes on through the night, things turn out for the good, there is no bad reports coming in, so it looks good for both patrols.

Both patrols come back to the hotel with a Safe feeling, and a feeling of a long day, now it is time for sleep and rest to be ready for tomorrows big events. One other part that needs to be said, every Angel that is here for this 2010 World Conference got to see the San Francisco Headquarters, this is not bragging, this is not showing off, and that this is not just a Headquarters, this is a Headquarters for all Guardian Angels. This HQ does not belong to me, this HQ does not belong to you, this HQ belongs to the Guardian Angels Organization and it belongs to Curtis Sliwa the founder of the Guardian Angels. Thank You All Angels For Making It Safe!


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