Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mission Night Patrol 8/27/10

Friday August 27th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be doing a night patrol in the Mission Dist. tonight. This is a switch of days because we usually do Saturdays. We will also get the feeling again what Fridays are like, because Fridays in this area can be a kick off to the partying. Next we all report to the HQ to do this patrol, we all change into uniforms, and now we are ready to do prebrief. The teams are set, Lion will lead team one, Cobra will lead team two, we do have two first aid techs one for each team, and we will be using all radio's for communication on this patrol. There will also be two observers for this patrol tonight, J.D. and Scorpion, the reason being for observers is to over-look the patrol, to look for mistakes, to look for not following directions, and to look for skills and leadership. Next we hit the streets, we march to the bus stop, we get on bus #14.

We get to our stop, our stop is the 16th street Bart Station, we post up there for a good while. 16th street Bart Station is a HOT spot, there is drug dealing, there is drug using, there is drinking in public, there is prostitution, all of this is not new it has been like this for years. We the Guardian Angels know it as a Hot spot for trouble, and this is why we never give up on this spot, we cant because there is so many people come through there that are good people.

Next we march on, we march up Mission Street, 17th street, 18th street, 19th street, 20th street, from these streets we confiscated two crack pipes, a cristal-meth pipe and we stopped a guy that was walking down the sidewalk with a pole sworded tip. For the Angels we smashed the pipes on the street, as for the guy with the pole sworded tip, he was a instructor for a DO-JO, so we asked the guy to cover it with his jacket and to go straight home with it, he did.

Next we march on, we proceeded to march up Mission Street, 21st street, 22nd street, 23rd street, 24th street, from these streets we confiscated a stack of IDs from a ID ring, it was there stash, and we took two more crack pipes from crack heads. For the Angels the stack IDs was a big hit to these identity rings, they steal other people identification and sale them on the streets or they are fakes, we did turned them over to the police and made a police report on this, as for the crack pipes we smashed them on the street as well.

We are now at 24th street Bart Station, we post up there for a good while, 24th street Bart Station is another HOT spot, except for tonight it is calm, normally there is drug dealing (Heroin) but not tonight. The 24th street Bart Station is another busy area where there are alot of people coming and going, but as long as we keep patrolling this station it stays safe.

Next we do a bus patrol, both teams on two #14 bus's, we see more this way, but for tonight it is all calm. Next we check on our Hot spot alleys, both teams hit two different alleys, we see more this way and we did do more this way. We picked up dirty needles, and we picked up broken bottles, and now these two alley's are clean, this is what we do.

As the night was getting late, Lion calls it a night, and advises the teams to march to the bus stop, we get back on #14 bus, we get to our stop, our stop is 6th street. We march to our HQ, we get to the HQ, we do debrief- as for debrief it teaches us and helps us grow to be better angels and that is why we do it, we change back into our street clothes, and then we say our goodbye's. We also need to mention this, there is never the same patrol, all patrols are different, these patrols that are done SAFE.

Thank You San Francisco Guardian Angels For Doing This Patrol!

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